Seeing Kelvin Cruickshank!

If you’re over the age of 25, was in NZ and remember a time where ‘TV taste’ was non-existent and rather whatever was on channel 2 or 3 at the time you were allowed to watch TV, you might remember Sensing Murder. Sensing Murder was where they got psychic and mediums get clues on NZ cold cases and they would normally come up with heaps of theories and leads.

I barely remember the show content but I absolutely love things that are unexplained and about the dead (however it leads me to being susceptible to being conned by psychics. That’ll have to be another blogpost). When I found out that Kelvin Cruickshank, a medium on Sensing Murder was doing his own show in a high school near me, I was SOLD.

So on a rainy day at 6pm in Kelston Boys High School, and my $2 Sprite Zero refreshment in hand, I was ready.


I have seen shows like Long Island Medium, and even though I froth a good medium I also am a sceptic. I thought it would be very general guessing – like he would say ‘someone in the room has had a father pass away’, which would qualify half of the room and then they would then start guessing based on the facials of the person. 

I also wanted to keep my expectations low to be exceeded, not the other way around!

I am also not religious or very spiritual.

Interesting afterlife comments

Kelvin starts off by doing a karakia and trying to explain what it’s like to talk to dead people. Some things he said were really interesting, like:

  • Dead people miss us as much as we miss them, and they think of you as much as you think of them
  • They are more likely to talk to you (their loved one) then they are to talk to him because they know him
  • When you think of your dead loved ones, they will be around you
  • And that love is the connection with all of this (when he was talking about this I was getting very Harry Potter vibes since Voldemort is defeated by love)
  • That around 3-5am is the time when dead people can enter your dreams – the first part of your sleep is just processing your day
  • Souls choose before they are ‘born’ how they are going to die: if you were not there, that was not the journey they picked. They may have wanted to spare you the sight.

Later in the night he also answers some questions about the ‘afterlife’ and what dead people look like:

  • Noone remembers being born and so noone knows what it’s like to ‘die’ – its just a crossing we make
  • Dead people look like how we envision them – if a mother sees her dead child in her mind’s eye as an adult, it means he has grown up (due to the love connection): a mother always knows
  • Your ancestors/old souls are very protective of young souls/children that have crossed over
  • If you and someone else are thinking of someone at the exact same time, they are not at two places at once, they will be with who needs them and also can switch within seconds

What was it like?

Kelvin picks on members of the audience to concentrate and do readings for; he sort of talks to himself/the dead people to show themselves, or say it again, or to get in line. He then will pick up on the family trees, who is coming forward to say something, their names and how they died. 

He does accurately get the names and people and how they died – he did a reading for a group of people who lost a lot of people recently and to suicide, and he instantly said there was a whole heap of people for them.

He also goes on a lot of tangents of his stories. It’s literally just him and a mic. He reads for about 4 families.

Did I like it?

Well… yes, it was interesting, but at the same time not. I don’t particularly find hearing about other people’s family trees that interesting. Tbh, the $70 probably would’ve been better value for money if I had paid for a private session with a medium. 

However, trusting that you’ve got a ‘real’ medium is hard, since how real can they be if they can whip it out for profit? Plus I have the added dimension that my ancestors don’t speak English (however… i think they speak to the medium’s ‘angels’? Kelvin said ‘my people will speak to your people’ and I hear the angel theory a lot sooo…). But I sort of don’t believe that spirit messages would be limited to language and be more like visions and feelings – I don’t know why I feel that way.

Do I believe him?

I guess… yes? He did get the readings right, and I don’t believe the people were planted because some of them acted like they had stage fright when talked about and were just like “uhh… uhh.. Uhh.. yes…” when Kelvin asked if it was right. 

Unanswered questions

The human mind thirsts for logic, and mine is no different. Because it’s so unexplained I am bursting with questions despite knowing that the only way I will know is when I die (RIP).

I really would like to know:

  • How can your ancestors be around you if they’re also being reincarnated (as I guess I believe in reincarnation)?
  • How can there be a hell or heaven if there are so many different religions and no such thing as a purely good or evil person? What is in the hell (a NON-religious answer)?
  • What do these dead people look like to him?

I guess my constant burning question, which is why I always get suckered/attracted to these things, is:

What do my ancestors and my grandparents think about me??? Anything they want to say about my life??? There was a big language barrier with my grandparents and I, and I was strictly in a ‘child’ relationship with them. I also feel like it was a peaceful passing for them but not for my ancestors and other relatives. Is there anything they want to say to my mum because I feel like there is??

 I would LOVE to do a one-on-one with Kelvin, but he doesn’t do them as he’s too popular and I MAJOR side eye at mediums still. I would LOVE to get an Asian/Chinese reading, as they are more in the community and connected/knowledgeable of my culture but also a burning question is (as I search on Google for a private reading):

Why are all mediums old white ladies?????

Holler at me if you know someone who has the gift and an angel that can translate a country dialect of Cantonese. I am ready!!!!

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