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Well fuck me it’s only 4 days into 2019 and I have failed at 4 out of 5 of my resolutions!!! So much for ‘lets go 2019’…

I didn’t start off New Years very well. I went to my friends place to get ready and predrink which was great- I had pimms, red wine and peach soju and played with her dog. Unfortunately that meant by 9pm I was sloshed on the way to town.

When we got there I was really hungry- unfortunately everything was either extremely full or closing. I had a burger really quickly but normally don’t eat that fast and I knew I was wolfing it down. We walked around the Federal St block party and it was sort of lame and I was like “lets go back to my place and watch the fireworks” since people were already sitting on the street gearing up. The perks of living in central Auckland was that it took 15 mins to get back home, so I only needed to hold my vomit for 15 minutes…

I am starting to think maybe I have a slight allergy to alcohol because whenever I get quite tipsy or drunk I ALWAYS end up throwing up. I have never been able to get drunk without throwing up, which is a terrible habit to have. I feel like I need to re evaluate.

So basically the uber was super bumpy and I literally sprinted from the uber to the bathroom -__- I didn’t miss the fireworks but kept having to excuse myself for little spews -___- and the sad thing was that I was no longer drunk- I had peaked at 9pm :’(

On the theme of reevaluation, let’s also talk about my big fat fails in the last 4 days. My hair is so dirty and messy and I wanted to look after my appearance and skin better. I haven’t even done a face mask.  I was also supposed to also look after my health as well and not eat chips but of course that meant I ate like a bowl full of Doritos last night, drank heaps these last few weeks and ate a fuck ton of unhealthy carbs that now I have indigestion and major heart burn.

So the start of 2019… is not going the best. But you know what? I don’t care. My flat cat loves me, and this indigestion will literally force me to stop eating junk. And I’ll wash my hair…. soon (TBC).

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