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Hope you all had a good Christmas! My office doesn’t really close and I didn’t put in any annual leave, so I only have the public holidays off so I worked Xmas Eve and Boxing Day and will continue to work.

It’s going to be 2019 soon and honestly, I can’t wait. Normally everyone is like “omg can you believe its 2019 already” but I am feeling INSPIRED, honey. For some reason I feel like 2019 is going to be my year. I’m not sure whether this is a premonition, or whether it’s because I want it so badly to be my year that I’ve sub consciously convinced myself that it will be (if I jinx myself and 2019 turns out to be the worst year yet…..!!!)

I don’t know why I’m feeling so energized but I’ve already thought about some *resolutions* that I have faith in myself for achieving.

  • Care more about my appearance and self pamper

It’s not common for a resolution to be more self conscious but I feel like I should put more effort into my hair, nails and body. For some reason I am very lazy when it comes to my hair. I just wash it with discount shampoo and kmart conditioner, let it airdry (‘let it’ makes me sound like I’m putting an effort into air drying… the truth is because I’m too lazy to blowdry it) and then brush it. Washing my hair is one of the tasks I dislike doing and I’m always trying to push the amount of days between washes. I don’t know why I dislike doing my hair so much- I think it’s because I’m so bad at making it look nice. Whether I put in lots of effort or not, it sort of looks the same.

My resolution is to care more about my hair. I’m going to colour it and try make it sleek and smooth.

I also want to get my nails done more, and get pedicures because they feel nice. And also get massages!! I haven’t had a massage since I got my tits out for one in Thailand lololol

  • Lose weight

Can you believe it, I haven’t eaten an artificial orange chip in over a month. It’ll be nearly 2 months soon. I have not eaten a whole packet of chips by myself in a while- I’ll take that as a win. I also have been making green smoothies and actually buying and eating salads, and going to yoga once a week. Of course I eliminate that by constantly buying take out and eating out, but baby steps in 2018… 2019 I will be a big girl (ironically. Please be ironically…)

  • Work more on this blog

I think it’s sort of ridiculous that I’ve been writing in this blog for so long and nothing has come of it and I work in social media. I would like to see me rate and work on my own content as hard as I work and rate others.

  • Be better at reading people

My manager at work is soooo good at reading people and their personalities, so she is soo good at figuring out their motivations and predicting their actions. I wish I was that astute and I think I can do it- I can’t say there have been times that I’ve been totally surprised by people’s actions, but I wish I could come to a point where I could predict what people are going to do and be right. Such a useful skill to have, and to figure out who might screw me over and who I should keep close. Of course, I trust my friend circle quite a lot, and trust them all to never gossip or cause drama about me or the things that I tell them but that’s also because I’ve known the majority of them for YEARS. I want to be good at reading new people too.

  • Look after my health and skin more

Not that I have terrible health, but I don’t one day be surprised with something. I haven’t gone to the doctors since 2013. And guess what? I’m trying not to go in 2019. This might be a bad attitude, but I haven’t had a reason to go- all I’ve gotten are colds in the last 6 years, and maybe a few bouts of flu- I figure it can’t be too bad since I’ve never lost my appetite while sick. My periods are extremely predictable, I’ve had no aches or pains and I haven’t even really had any real fevers.

This all is great, although I hit a slight road bump after I discovered I get heart burn and indigestion when I eat too much bad food. And instead of changing my ways, this year I sort of kept eating bad food until I recognise that I’m starting to feel nauseous and bloated and then teeter back into eating more clean which consists of me drinking multiple cups of chamomile tea and avoiding tomatoes. In 2019, I am going to stop eating so much bad food. Every meal is not treat meal. There are other snacks than chips.

I just know that I’m going to have such a difficult time when I have kids because my pain tolerance is extremely low 😛 I haven’t even had a blood test in my memory.

Skin wise, I have been using an Estee Lauder day cream that I kid you not, is $100. The shit thing is that it actually works. I can’t really afford $100 creams. Or should I actually be doing this and investing in my skin?


I am feeling really good about my resolutions, I’m feeling quite motivated to start and achieve them. Let’s. get. It. 2019!!



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