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i’ve had a terrible day today. I feel like everything is going wrong and it doesn’t help that I’m super emotional about it. I don’t even want to get into detail since it will probably hype me up and make me cry again, but today has been shit.

Also, did you know Ryan from Million Dollar Listing NY does a vlog series on youtube? I watched it and then stalked onto his instagram. The point of this random point is that on his insta he said he used to get panic attacks, and one thing that calmed him down was making a list of everything that was wrong in his life, and then everything that was good and it would make him feel better. And if I’m going to write something I might as well capitalise on it and put it onto my blog lolol.

Everything Wrong In My Life

  • No boyfriend and im going to die alone
  • work pressure, added responsibilities and busy season at work
  • not saving enough money as I used to
  • not losing enough weight
  • my body (lookswise)
  • I think I have a UTI
  • I’m definitely hormonal
  • a lot of my friends are not in Auckland 🙁
  • my toes are bruised from walking in heels in the CBD all of Tuesday
  • only have public hols off
  • cant eat rashuns (I have banned myself from eating artificial orange cheese chips)
  • i have forgotten my login and password to my internet banking and now i have to reset it….
  • i haven’t paid my sole trader tax yet on my second job….. I owe like $500 in tax. Or was it $700 -____-

Ohh I see how this is going. Now my problems don’t seem so bad since only a few of them really worry me.

Everything Good in my Life

  • my brother graduated and got his degree
  • I ate at The Kimchi Project, which I’ve been wanting to try for years
  • my flatmate/friend, who will cry with me :”'( i was actually so touched, if you’re reading this I love you!
  • my friends
  • social media
  • its Friday tomorrow
  • my work phone got upgraded to a iphone XR
  • my macbook hasnt crapped out when a lot of my friends who have one do
  • my flatcat went on my bed for the first time last night and she was so happy she dribbled
  • i have no debt
  • i have not missed 1 session of yoga
  • its getting closer to 2019

I feel a little bit better. I just don’t really want to think about it any more. Plus I didn’t notice my flat cat sneaking inside my room and I just gave her a massive fright and now I feel guilty lol :/






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