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Hello everyone, how are you? I am… so sick…  so not that great. I have what I feel like is a chest infection, but since it’s like a cold I refuse to go to the doctor over something I’m familiar with. I haven’t been to the doctor since I was 19, so 6 years- because I don’t really go unless I don’t know what’s wrong with me. And since I generally do, I haven’t gone in years haha. I just hate how you can’t get an appointment when you want to- it’s always a few days later and I’m normally better by then.

I know that I left you on a downward spiral last week where I had my weekly existential crisis over my motivations but today we are sick physically but better mentally lol. I’ve been thinking about how there’s pretty much only 1 month left of 2018 and all the things I’ve achieved this year. This month I’ve finished my 8 week yoga course, which blows my mind since I specifically remember buying the course online and turned 25 (disgusting). And normally my mind’s path is 25 = what have I got to show for it, I’m actually at peace with what I have gotten up to this year.

  • I went to Thailand and China. For some reason I woke up with Thailand on my mind this morning. The heat, the convenience stores, the constant smell of fish sauce and the dogs that just run around the street. One of the saddest things about our trip to Thailand was that my brothers and I LOVED going to the convenience store and buying up all the cheap snacks that we had not seen before, and yet was very geared to our Asian taste. RIP us forgetting just the amount of snacks we bought in our bags, and ending up having to dump heaps at Customs before boarding our flight to China RIP RIP. So sad.
  • I went to Queenstown! For work, but I think it was the push I needed to see more of NZ. I never really had much interest in going to Queenstown, but after going I was like I HAVE TO GO BACK TO QUEENSTOWN. It was beauutttiiffuulll, and like everyone on holiday, I started plotting how I could move to Queenstown and spend my days stuck in traffic next to the Queenstown Lakes because even that mundane task was made beautiful in Queenstown. I even got to go on a helicopter ride to the top of.. something… Coronet Peak? The Remarkables? Anyways it was amazing!

They had beautiful mountains, beautiful lakes and beautiful meadows and I wanted to be a part of that beauty. However: a) there are no marketing jobs in Queenstown b) Living in Queenstown is just as, if not more, expensive than Auckland c) I’d have no friends and find hard to make friends in a tourist city when they’re all going to leave d) there is no good Chinese food. I figured that my dream job was to work in some sort of marketing /social media in the Queenstown Council, but I don’t know if they would have the budget to do that? So I managed to talk myself out of that one but if my partner was ever like “lets move to Queenstown” it’s like “have you been looking at my TradeMe property history??”

  • I moved out!! Fucking hallelujah, I was not going to turn 25 and still live with my parents. I am still having a great time at my flat, my friend/flatmate is perfect and her cat is sloowwwlllyyy becoming better friends with me. She only sits on my lap when noone else is in the house but at least she is sitting on my lap :”'( she does get really excited when I try to lie down with her and she did this really cute thing where she breathe-purred all over my face and I thought that was super duper cute :””'(
  • I watched all of Greenleaf, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Suits, Game of Thrones, Designated Survivor up to date. I know this is a weird achievement but they are very good shows and I love watching TV shows. Also Designated Survivor > House of Cards
  • Read more books than last year
  • Because 4 points is bad luck

Thanks so much for reading this and my blog so far! Will be back next week for sure.

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