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How to trap a cat, Esther style:

  1. Pet target regularly to get target used to you
  2. Buy target treats
  3. Brush target’s fur regularly
  4. Hug target
  5. Make sure weather is cold so target will appreciate extra warmth
  6. Take yoga classes to ensure bones and legs are bendy
  7. Make sure target is tired and snoozing
  8. Make sure you are alone so target doesn’t prefer anyone else
  9. Soft voices only
  10. Pat target lots until target is purring
  11. Slowly bring your legs up to rest around target so that target is sitting in the circle around your legs
  12. do not freak out that plan is going well
  13. get angry that you didn’t bring your phone but remember that you have a webcam on your computer

14. Become best friends with target and live happily ever after!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my fourth flatmate Booboo, and I’ve been working on trying to get her to be in love with me. I think she knows who I am now, and is used to me- so all that is left for her to do IS FALL IN LOVE WITH ME!!!! She is a baby and I want to hug her lots lots lots.

Esther 4 Booboo 4eva


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