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Scorpio season is nearly upon us and you know what that means! It’s my time to shine!!

Sorry this post is a little bit late: having an online blog that is public is so much harder when you have secrets (how very Scorpio of me). I’ve learnt the hard way that noone reads what I write… until I say something bad and then everyone suddenly knows what I’ve done.

Since it is nearly my birthday, I have been thinking about what I could get myself. i could never, ever be a minimalist. I don’t know how people do it. On my bed alone, I have so many layers and different types of duvet and sheets for different types of weather and when something is in the wash. I don’t know how they go to their houses and are satisfied with their bare walls and empty gardens. To me, personalisations and possessions bring your presence to a room when you’re not there, and make it so much more comfortable when you are.  Plus it is so fun and nice to have things.

Anyway, here are some more things I want that I am currently thinking about getting.

Things I Am Currently Lusting After/Considering:

  • Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle perfume.

First off, noone raves about Estee Lauder perfume, and I’m not sure if I actually like the scent or the idea of it- it has lychee, which I love and it’s not bad. I do want it but the smallest size is $118 :/

  • Ecoya Sweet Pea & Jasmine candle

The smallest candle costs $20. I know I’m being extremely price focused here but I want bang for my buck. It would be so underwhelming to get myself a small candle that costs $20

  • Peter Alexander Vanilla Caramel (? I think it’s called Tahaar? or is that the character from The Good Place)

The caramel vanilla cookie or something candle in Peter Alexander smells divine. But it is huge and costs $50. I can’t burn it in my room because I’d probably start having a headache and get soot in my lungs.

  • A massage

Can you tell I want to relax with the theme that I am angling at lol. There is a Thai massage place near where I live. Maybe its time to treat myself and pay a stranger rub my body for an hour.

  • a book

Haven’t thought what book I want haha

  • an ipad

I really want an ipad!!

I think out of all of these I want the ipad and the massage the most. I really don’t think I can do both.

So guys, what do you think I should get?? On one hand, a massage could make me feel better but an ipad is a thing that can last forever and I will be able to watch food videos while lying down

Place your votes down below, and see if I I have made up my mind this time next week,….







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