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I’ve moved into my new place now! I did it yesterday. I did feel a little bit emotional over it, but that might also be because I was particularly hormonal yesterday- if you’re getting my drift, yes. Moving out + being punished for not being pregnant is not a fun time.

I also feel a bit out of sorts- I feel like my bed isn’t warm enough, I have no idea what’s in what box, and I took a shower last night but have no idea how the shower works. I just kept twisting the knob until warm water came out. Guys, am I tired or do you all just have so much energy than I to do everything??? Like the thought of switching my bedding over to brand new cover set is tiring me out. It’s too much. How are you guys even walking around and doing stuff??? But otherwise I am pretty happy!

After seeing my cousin’s wedding on Saturday and talking to other people who have had weddings, the main thing I get is that it’s very stressful. A lot of planning, organising and appeasing different people. I cannot believe how much some people spend on their weddings- like more than I make in a year. And this might be incredibly obtuse of me to say, but how stressful can it really be?

As someone who puts on large scale events, I would love to wade in and see how hard it really is lol. Are these people who are getting married stressed because they’ve never organised a big event before, or is it actually stressful for event coordinators? Looking from the outside, it seems like so much fun- all this organising to make yourself the centre of attention and everyone has to listen to what you say. I wouldn’t enjoy planning anyone else’s wedding, but to work on my own would seems really fun. The only stress I think would befall me is that it would rain or have a storm on my imaginary outdoor wedding but we could always hire a pop up, right?

Actually scratch that, my stress is that I’m going to be freaking out about the cost. I know how much giant pop up tents cost to hire. I think I would be good at the organising and getting stuff done, but I would probably start having a conniption over the cost. A lot of things are achievable if you have money but as a millennial cheapskate (no to $20 avocado toast. Yes to large bowl mochas and cake and brunch and yumcha and kmart) I would rather go on holiday than spend it all on one day. But the thing with Chinese weddings is that you can make it back, so that does tempt me into having a wedding and letting my parents go cray with the guest list.

However, for all my eagerness to plan my own wedding, I would never ever want to be a wedding planner or plan someone else’s. It gets too personal, and when things go not according to plan (which is every event), a lot of people dwell on how it’s not going to plan rather than thinking of a solution, so will take it out on you/complain about how their dream wedding is about to be changed. And I would be way too paranoid at the thought of messing something up for someone’s wedding! Everyone makes mistakes in their job but a wedding is something that normally the couple have dreamt about- if it is messed up by anyone except themselves they would probably go apeshit (because I would).

I also thought it was pretty funny that my cousin got married but it was me who spent my last night at my parental home and moved out afterwards – hopefully I won’t need to come crawling back because my furniture was a bitch to move. Anyway, I have no internet, no books and nothing to keep myself occupied so I might as well do some more typing.

Some things I want to achieve in the next month:

  • You might know that I am a social media consultant in my spare time, and whenever I give out my social media advice I always wonder why I don’t take it and social media consult myself to show my advice works. So you will see me start to post more regularly on instagram, twitter and here. I’m going to aim to upload a new blog every Wednesday.
  • Go to the dentist
  • Go to Kmart
  • Catch up with my friends and hang out with them to show them I looove them
  • Do some regular yoga
  • Visit my parents once a week but only on days when they’re cooking nice food
  • Buy an ipad
  • NO BUYING CLOTHES, MAKEUP OR SHOES holy heck I have all these clothes that I never wear that I have moved out with I am pressed. I have decided that no matter what clothes and makeup I wear it’s not going to change the way I feel about my looks. The only way I can do that is to lose weight, and I should be investing in yoga classes and healthy food. But the problem is I’m always huunggrryy and getting food with my friends is one of my favourite things to do in the world and when I do go out to eat there is no waaaayyy I am going to spend my hard earned money on a kale salad when I could be buying something yummmyyyyy
  • Not touch my savings. This is the first month that I have not been able to save anything from my pay, as I had to shell out for bond, 4 weeks rent, wedding, bits and pieces for my new room and also expenses for work. I normally get to add to my savings from paychecks, but August has been an expensive month so far. I don’t think the rest of the year will be as expensive, but there is no way I’m cracking into my savings.

I think that this is all quite achievable. Even though it’s 11am and I haven’t managed to get out of bed 😛

See you next Wednesday!


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