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I have not done a I Can and I Can’t in the entire 2018 year and I think that needs to change. Simply because some things have resolved and some things have changed that I feel like we – and by that I mean me- need to put into the timeline of this blog. I don’t want y’all to be like “wait- weren’t you about to be bartered off as a potential wife and wanted to emancipate yourself from your Mum as a 24 year old adult” when things have changed.

So, it is like a quarterly review since it is May haha:

I Can

  • I downloaded the audiobook ‘What Happened’ by Hilary Clinton the other day, and today was my first day listening to it. For some reason, once it got connected to my bluetooth in my car and I heard it go “What Happened, published by Simon & Schuster”, I got really, really excited. I have to unlock my gate before I reverse out of it to get to work, and I ran up my driveway pumping my fists whispering ‘yes yes yes’. Yeah, I literally pumped my fists. I have never done that before in my life. What the fuck was wrong with me.  Who literally pumps their fists while literally running up their driveway. I must have looked like a riiigghtt dipshit and even though noone was looking I was really embarrassed hahahaha. But in other news, the book is ok. Hilary Clinton kind of sounds like a robot. She also really likes talking about the twitter and the facebooks and how she became a meme. She also said ‘shit’ in it and that was fun. But short story long, I am excited to digest ‘What Happened’.
  • My cousin asked me to be her bridesmaid! I am really touched that she asked me to be so close to her wedding and to help her out. I can’t wait!
  • Dyed my hair darker brown and the owner had a big champagne-y ginger cat and he sat on my lap the whole time, I was soooo happy <3 <3
  • I went to Vietkitchen in Dominion Road finally, after months of craving Vietnamese food. I don’t know how I am going to drag more people to go with me for another visit. I think its my closest Vietnamese!

  • I am on good terms with my mother again!

And that is because:

I Can’t

  • with my father. Seriously, whenever I think he might be ok, he does shit to remind me what a dickhead he really is. That always happens- I think he might have mellowed out, and then he explodes in self centred temper tantrums where he demands attention and platitudes. And the thing is- he is never in the right, and his favourite thing to do is create arguments and centre everything at himself. He has done many things to embarrass himself and us in turn over the years in absolutely terrible behaviour- he throws hissy fits in front of others, to my disgust. But this time he has really outdone himself. I am debating whether to blog about it or save the story for when I write a book about myself (it is a when, not a if… or I try to tell myself that).
  • stop craving chips. I haven’t had chips in two days and it’s killing me. I really, reaaaally want to eat rashuns right now. But I am really going to have to stop eating them if I want to lose any weight but my body is like pppllllleeeaaassee give us that artificial orange cheese powder now now now now!
  • I bought some $100 white converse shoes that don’t fit me and $80 Toms that are uncomfortable as hell. I spent $180 on shoes that I hate wearing, an expensive lesson to not buy shoes online. In fact, none of my online purchases have ever worked out for me. I am scratching my head trying to think about when an online shop has ever worked out :/
  • I quit the gym lol


And yeah, thats my life for now. Losing money, disliking my father, and finding little wins. Feels just like me!

P.S. If you have any tips on how to lose weight and what to eat without exercising, please let me know…


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