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Quick update:

  •   After having the house to myself for 2 weeks it was the best time of my life. I ate food that I wanted to eat, did whatever the fuck I wanted when I wanted. And the weird thing was that I was being healthier. I ate better (no one to nag or judge me about my expensive food), I did more exercise (no one to nag or judge me for literally rolling around on the floor on a yoga mat) and I was a lot more happier (no one to nag or judge me). Although I really want to move out, I don’t have anyone I know who is also wanting to move out/has a room available. I don’t really like the idea of living with strangers, or having to get to know new people and learning about them. I did a life coaching session where the life coach told me I like to talk myself out of ideas. This is a great example of that haha
  •   I am addicted to trash TV aka Married at First Sight Australia. And I’m actually sad Sean and Davina aren’t there anymore, there was so much drama!
  •   No Chip February was a massive fail: after promising myself not to eat a single chip for the remainder of Feb during the 12th, I went out for dinner that night and had truffle fries. A week later I cracked again and ate a whole tube of cheap chips that were like Pringles. And then gorged myself on chips during drinks at work and it was just terrible. The only change I have noticed is that I feel guilty for eating chips and junk now. And that even if I do feel really guilty, my mouth starts salivating at the thought of chips and its like heart over mind omg
  •   I have become obsessed with a kpop boyband member called Jungkook. He is FOUR years younger than me and is making me have a quarterlife crisis that I now find boys younger than me attractive. I would never date someone so much younger than me but I’m lowkey in love?? I feel like a cougar. What are even the pros of dating a younger man? More energy to fix the house? More easier to control because he is younger and he’ll listen to me?

My major concern with dating a younger guy is that his maturity and commitment level is going to be at my feet and that he won’t marry me or want kids until I’m over 35. Not that there is anything wrong with being married or having kids over then, but I would be really sad to be in love with someone who was in a life stage behind me and constantly feeling like I am wanting to go forward but having to stop and wait. I’m at a stage where I can live it up; I’ve got money to burn and time to waste as I have no dependents, no loans and no mortgage. My worst nightmare is falling in love with someone I have to carry. Like of course I would support someone when they need it.  But for a partner to rely on me financially, emotionally and mentally and that is what our relationship is built on? No way. Then we’re not partners as we’re not equal at all, and equality is what I look for in a relationship dynamic. I think I would only do 2 years younger than myself, and I would have to be seriously in love and he would be seriously hot if I started dating a student. I guess as I get older this is probably not going to be an issue, as there is not much difference between a 29 year old vs 31 year old. But for me where 2 years younger they should’ve just finished uni, I wouldn’t go any lower.

I guess that rules out all the younger guys who are in love with me currently……………. Look here’s a photo of all of them……

What about you guys? How much younger would you be open to?


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