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About 3 months ago, I got a psychic reading done over the phone which I paid $80 for. Now that 3-4 months have passed, I can safely say that I was successfully scammed out of $80 for a middle aged man to tell me lies for an hour. I’m so happy :’) let’s go through a few of the things that he told me that did not come true.

After initially thinking I was in a relationship, he said I had either already met my life partner or that I would shack up with him within 6-8 weeks.

Talking to him would be like I had known him forever, because we were part of the same soul family. I’m going to get together with him over drinks.

So obviously, psychic has NOT read my blog, but I’ll let that one slide because noone does. But I am painfully single, and while yes, I’ve had some interest, for one I’m not sure if he’s just being nice because it’s his job and the other I’d rather break my arm then see in person. Hooray! Guys I don’t know if I have met my life partner, I have not really had any tantalizing conversations and I have definitely not managed to shack up with anyone, and not met anyone in a social situation/drinks. Was quite disappointed because it would’ve been excellent timing for the company Xmas party, and gotten a life partner out of it too.

Me and this partner are going to travel Europe

So travelling Europe will come true one day. I have to give it to psychic, he did tell everything that I wanted to hear. But not sure about this partner that is not existing yet.

Life partner and I are going to get married on a beach. Possibly Fiji

I don’t think this will come true because I don’t think I would fork out for a destination wedding. why the fuck would I get married in Fiji? Even if I could afford it, it has no significance to me. Maybe my partner will beg for us to get married in Fiji, but I would rather we go to Fiji for the honeymoon then hold a wedding there??

However, this was music to my ears because I do want to get married on a beach. But do you know how volatile beach weddings are? Setting up on sand, getting everyone to this beach, relying on the weather and having to be in summer + sand everywhere??

I know because I plan on having one haha. Once again, he knew what I wanted to hear

I’m going to have twin girls.

This does not sound like me because I would want more kids than stop with twins. Not that I want heaps of children, but I don’t want just twins. That’s like an only child split in half. But psychic was pretty confident that I would “only have twin girls”. But he also told 2 other people I know who got readings with him that they’re going to have twins/their family is going to have twins that the chances of all three of us having twins is 0%. I don’t know. I don’t know how to work out probability. Maybe that is the psychic’s signature- tell his clients that they’ll have twins.

My oldest younger brother will get a girlfriend and my youngest brother is going to get a job

She thinks you love the beach you’re such a damn liar

My brother and my dad have a bad relationship. *tells him my relationship with my father is worse than my brothers relationship with him*. Wait what?? You know he cares right?

After unsuccessfully guessing at my family relationships, it turned into a lecture about how much my father cares which is super uncomfortable for me. I’m Asian. I don’t talk about feelings with strangers. And I definitely do not talk about my family having feelings with strangers. And if we do, you best be on my side, not opposing fathers.

Keep writing on your blog, more people will read it

I’ve been writing on my blog for nearly 5 years now. If anything, less people are reading it.

He told me to write down my worries and burn them everyday. ummmm…. no. You see, my time is precious. If I spent 1 hr writing down my worries that could’ve been spent on watching Gilmore Girls, I’m not going to be burning my hard work. I’m going to post it up on the internet LOL.  I also don’t have a lighter on hand, and I would be too lazy to walk outside and burn shit in my backyard. He also suggested flushing them down the toilet, but I am not going to start writing stuff like “raining on my event” “project not coming together” “doing my taxes” and wasting toilet paper and water! I am very blessed to lead a very sheltered, peaceful and drama free life where my only worries are to do with work. And since I don’t get paid to worry outside of work, I don’t (leads back to my time is precious thing). So I wrote down worries that do not have to do with work… like none lolol I’m so drama free

The only thing that he said that was true was about my current career with no prompting. The first thing he told me when we both got onto the phone was that my current job was a stepping ladder in my career and that I should stick to it. That it would be good for me. I do believe that my current job is a great opportunity for me too, where I get to do what I am good at as well, doing them better as well as learning new skills. I do believe that my manager has my development and learning in mind.

So he threw me off by leading with that because it was very true. At that time I had just gotten my new job and it was proving to be good so far.

But you know, I already knew that.

So that was a waste of $80 -_____-

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