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I never, ever thought I was a coffee snob.

I like coffee, but I’m not in love with it. I am not addicted, I never crave it and I don’t need it. This has actually been a very conscious effort on my part to not become a caffeine junkie, because I didn’t want to be addicted to coffee. I was addicted to tea for a while, but never coffee.

I do buy coffee when I’m out though, especially during brunch. But I’ve come to realise that I only buy coffees from good cafes. I never buy fast food coffee, or places whose specialties aren’t coffee.  I don’t get coffee from coffee chains, e.g. Starbucks.

People are like “I only buy from xx place because they use Allpress beans”, I think the majority of coffee I buy is Allpress because of it naturally being stocked in nice brunch places. Nice brunch places or cafes normally do have a killer barista so it has never been a problem.

Recently, the coffee place I normally go to got a new barista. As I was walking toward it, I was like “hmmm. I’m not that particular about coffee. I wonder if I’ll taste a difference. Probably not”.

And Murphy’s Law and jinxing it, I took one sip of my coffee from the new barista and I was like what the fuck is this. I don’t like this. All the coffees I have generally taste them same, why does this taste different?? I was so shook. I never thought I would be at this level of coffee pickiness.

(Side note: I am so sick of typing coffee and saying it in my mind when I really want to say covfefe)

I  can’t believe it guys, I feel like I found out something new about myself that I didn’t know about.

Like since when could I taste the difference between coffees? Wawaweewa!

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