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Today I have confirmed something that I have always suspected of myself.

I am a terrible gift giver and have no taste.

I don’t mind the terrible gift giver part. I normally try to get a giftcard or give them cash instead. However, I do want to give thoughtful and cute gifts. What bothers me is that I have no taste and that I can borderline on tacky- perhaps I can be thoughtful but can’t do cute gifts??

It was confirmed to me today, when I asked three people who I have tremendous amount of respect when it comes to taste in to choose between two mugs. I thought that one of them was cute, but the other one might be cuter because it had more gold and it had a slogan on it like “Be Happy”, however I was aware that it could be tacky. I normally do not like a print but I liked the gold. I was like is this too much??

I snapped a pic for my three friends, who all thought the one I thought might be cuter was tacky. They did not talk to each other, or even know each other, by the way. They just knew which one was cuter. Their taste was just so on point that they knew what was tacky with no question at all.
This shocked me, because I ask the question ‘is this too tacky?’ to myself a lot. With clothes, with gifts and everything. And normally, my response is ‘no’. But, I am also aware that I give terrible gifts and my style isn’t all that banging. So what does this mean?? Should my response from now on be ‘yes’? Is this why I have nothing to wear, and no one compliments me on my style?? DO I HAVE NO TASTE??!!

I am shook. I never thought I was this bad but I guess I am. 

I’m glad I found out and it was solidified for me. Knowledge is power, and I have to be aware not to let the tackiness overpower me. It can only go up from here, people. We’re going to slowly move away from the tackiness. It’s going to be amazing, you’ll see. I’m going to reach 30 and be so tasteful you won’t even know it’s me. 

Goodbye, tacky Esther. You can no longer hide. Fade, fade away!

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