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I Can
  • Met up with my friend Mariska from Cat Lady in the Kitchen which is always a blast! She is always so happy and loves shopping/treats for self so I love hanging out with her. I got these pancakes and an iced chocolate. I love that she is a massive foodie but I am so envious that she never seems to gain weight. How you do this Mariska??
Beautiful protein lemon ricotta pancakes. Beautiful as in the sight, not the taste. Taste was great but not mindblowing
Iced Chocolate!!
  • Had yumcha with my Mumma on my alternate holiday. Love doing stuff in the middle of the day because it makes me feel special that I don’t need to work.
  • It didn’t rain on my big event! Hooray! Even though it was forecasted to and even had 40% chance of rainfall.
  • Lots of views on my videos about my handbags haha
And this one:
  • Actually finished my tax form with the IRD.
I Can’t
  • The amount of tax I actually have to pay. I’m not happy, I paid less last year but there always seems to be some part of my income they’ve found that is untaxed and so adds in more tax for me. But the thing is: all the income, apart from the source that I’m applying for, I have is taxed so don’t understand why I have to pay more?? It’s ridiculous.
  • I need new glasses. I am squinting with my glasses on and I’m looking at a computer. But I don’t want to come to terms with needing a new prescription and admitting that my eyes have become worse.
  • Told my prisoners that I would write to them quickly and I probably haven’t written to them in over a month, which is better than when I made them wait half a year
  • All my things are pink and I need to stop. Weird ‘I can’t’ but as I bought a pink shirt over the weekend while wearing a pink merino top and a pink bag that I might be overkilling the dusty pink thing. I want/need a new wallet and the only one that is on sale (that I would remotely want) is pink and that is a definite I CAN’T. I’m not going to be a pink lady wtf!! But why is everything that’s on sale pink???

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