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I Can
  • I finished RuPaul’s Drag Race and my fave Sasha Velour won!! I really thought she wouldn’t, because my faves normally don’t win! I looovveed Kim Chi last season (I’ve only watched Season 8 and 9)and I was so glad that she made it to the top 3. Although, I saw that she wouldn’t have won because she wasn’t an out queen as her parents didn’t know. I also watched the Reunion and although everyone says that it was fabricated drama, I think Valentina is not nice, very selfish and self centred. I am very happy that they made her fan favourite and not Miss Congeniality.
  • I bought the lipstick Touch of Spice from Maybelline and I love it on me. When I was researching they said it was a dupe for Mac Twig. I think that will be my next Mac purchase! I also bought two foundations from Maybelline, including a cushion one because I’ve been wanting a cushion one for ages.
  • Um… I can’t think of anymore good things that happened to me lol. I got some free meals this week. That was pretty sweet!
I Can’t
  • I have probably eaten all the weight I lose. I am sipping on a Coke from my McChicken combo as I write this. There have been weeks where I buy lunch everyday- that’s like an average of $50 a week on lunch -_____-
  • I got a massive pimple. I think it might’ve been the lipstick or the amount of sugar I’m ingesting
  • I have become hooked on soft drinks. I bought a six pack of Pepsi and have drunken 3/6 and now I am constantly craving them. But I always feel sluggish and unfocused when I drink them, but I like the way they taste and kick of alertness I get at the beginning. I was also hooked on soft drinks before I got a big cavity in my molar that many a dentist have threatened a root canal on lol :’/ 
  • I don’t have time to write anything but I Can and I Can’ts. My dream situation would be for my full time to job to write about myself, a la Carrie Bradshaw. But isn’t that so self centred and also very naiive? So many girls and boys want to be like Carrie Bradshaw, that I don’t want to be Carrie Bradshaw bc it’s so mainstream. Or is Sex and the City now very old news and noone knows what I’m talking about? Then I will aim to be Carrie Bradshaw again haha.
And yeah! thats pretty much what happened last week!

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