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I bought a bunch of makeup/skincare from an online shop called Hikoco! I really like them because they sent my package with a “Hi Esther <3” and I died from the cuteness.

Innisfree aloe vera skin mist. I haven’t used it yet.

A pink and a red lip tint, both veeerryy deceptive about their colours to me. The pink one is supposed to be a dull pink but it looks like a bright pink on me. The red one is supposed to be ‘celeb deep rose’ and look more like a dark pink but looks like cherry red. Not what I was looking for at all but oh well..
Omg expensive sleeping mask with my finger in the corner. I do quite like it, probably would repurchase again!
Rose blossom mask… mascara with fibres to make lashes longer…
I also bought a SPF but I forgot to take a photo of it. I actually haven’t used it yet because I am too lazy to incorporate another layer in my daily routine when I work in an office. I know that sun rays can penetrate even on a cloudy day and I am just so lazy.
Thats all for now!


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