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Aw I saw this really cute Asian baby the other day. She was probably like 1 year old? Super cute, chubby, couldn’t stand yet (without help) so just sat and crawled. She had a long hair up to her shoulders and a little bit tied up, it was super adorable.

Okay, I wasn’t sold at first. I kept smiling and trying to get her to smile back when she was in her stroller but she was just blanking me. Like she was looking at me and definitely seeing what I was doing but her expression was like D:

But then her mum started talking to her and unbuckling her and omg she just broke out into the happiest smiles ever! Like she was sooooo happy that her mum was around. She was still staring at me, but now whenever her mum touched or talked to her she was like 😀 😀 at me! It was like she was trying to say “isn’t this great???” at me.

I find that insanely cute!! Like she is so in love with her Mum! That is the sweetest thing ever! She’s just so small and sweet and full of love for her Mummy. I die. When I have babies, I can’t wait to see that happening. It would be the best feeling ever, to see your little bubby love you lots!!

It also endeared me to little girls. I thought that I would like having little boys because they’re no drama. But then little girls are so cute and when they get older they actually talk to you and become friends with their mums and have coffee dates!

But man, that unconditional and happy love just gets me. Nothing like Mummy!! I am so looking forward to little babies thinking the world of me! Haha.

However, today my mum was trying to tell me that I had left my salt lamp on. She was trying to call to me while I left and when she said my name I was like “my god I hate the way she says my name” and the whole time she was talking to me I was so over it.

So this is also proof that little girls become ungrateful little shits who don’t think you’re the bombdiggity at all and the thought of me being as irrevocably in love as as she was with my own mother makes me sick hahaha I am not sappy. The only people I am blindly in love with are boys, just like most ungrateful and unknowledgeable girls are haha.  Sorry Mum.

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