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My brother’s birthday party is happening right now! All his friends are over, music is blasting and I only venture out when my brother tells me theres food lolol. So far I’ve swiped 3 pieces of KFC and I’m waiitng for the BBQ to kick off haha.

I used to not understand bucket lists. I was like, why would I set expectations on myself? What if I don’t achieve them? Then I will be bummed.

It’s taken my whole life up to this point to realise that these are the things I will kick myself for not doing when I’m lying on my deathbed and that I am determined to do. This isn’t a wishlist of my life. These are things I’m going to do.

This is going to be a great last post if I died suddenly before I had a chance to update this LOLOL. It would be sad, but fuck me that would be great coincidence. If I am dead and you are reading this, cry for me lol.

Go on a cruise

Don’t know why I want to go on a cruise so badly- I think it’s because I really like water lol. It seems very relaxing to me where the whole purpose of a cruise is to chill. There are no mountains to climb, no places to sight see. The whole point is to sleep, eat, chill, shop and entertain yourself. My kind of thing. I really, really hope I get to go on a cruise soon. It seems so fun. However, I am aware that a lot of old people go on cruises and I’ll be surrounded by old white people lol.

Go to Europe (Greece, Italy, France, Austria (or wherever the concentration camps are) in particular

I don’t want to sound lame but I studied a lot of history in my time. I’ve wanted to go to Italy since I first found out about Romans and I read Asterix and Obelisk. I really like history and meaning, and  Greece and Italy is brimming with it. I also really want to go to the Vatican City for the same reason. I definitely would go to the concentration camps as they’re in Europe as well, and France.

Buy a house

Yes. I don’t want to rent a house that much. I want to own one. Probably won’t be able to afford one by myself though.

Go to Korea and Japan

I will not die without having gone to Korea and Japan. I want to spend like a month there each. As some of you know, I write to prisoners. One of them is Korean and has offered to take me around Korea. I’m going to say a big fat no to that offer, just because as much as I think he is a good guy, doesn’t mean I want to hang out with a felon in a foreign country. He has this dream of taking me to music festivals. Yeah no. I want to go to Jeju Island and eat Korean BBQ, go to the beach and pick oranges. 

If you don’t know what Jeju Island is, it’s this island off Korea that looks like this:

Jeju Island oranges:

Obviously these pictures aren’t mine because I’ve never fucking been there lol.

Video about Korean BBQ in Jeju:

And I mainly want to go to Japan to eat. Ramen, Coco Curry, sushi, everything. The only landscape thing I know is Mt Fuji but god, I want to onsens. I LOVE hot springs, spas, big pools of hot water. 

Jealous. This is what I’m going to look like Japan.

Go to Egypt

Want to see me some pyramids. Intimidated by the possible vaccinations I might need though.

Go to Samoa and Rarotonga

Want to see me some beautiful beaches and lie in front of one. I want to be beached as. I fucking love the beach!!!

Go back to NY, America and Hawaii

I consider America my second home even though I was only there for like 6 months. I was just starting to settle in before I left. I want to go back, and also go to Hawaii and eat spam musubi.

Get 2 cats

A ginger one and another that can be any colour

Get a dog

I want a Japanese spitz! I follow this spitz on Instagram whose name is Kumo and he lives in San Francisco. I am too lazy to upload the video on my phone of when I found a spitz in a pet shop and I got to play with him. I am so #adoptdontshop with cats but with dogs, I reeaaallllyyy want a japanese spitz. I feel bad but they exist and I want one.

This is what one looks like:

Marry someone hot and good with money

I am not going to die married to someone who I think is ugly and bad with money. I do think my expectations are above the boys I actually pull. But shoot for the moon and aim for the stars? if I aim for getting an extremely hot and rich man will I end up with a cute guy whose a good saver?? I just don’t want anything but a beautiful guy with a fiscally sound mind. 

I think that is all for now… I can’t think of anything more. Hopefully this all comes true within the next 10 years… I think you will also be able to see as well if it does! šŸ˜€

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