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Suits is ending….

I’m watching the last episode of Suits right now… and I’m so sad that this is fictional.


I am so sad that Harvey Specter is fictional D:

I don’t even know why I am so obsessed with him.


I know exactly why I am obsessed with him. The only thing I guess I am confused about is what I want to do with him. He’s supposed to be nearly 40 years old (I’m guessing). Now I could think of him in a romantic light but all he treats his love interests really shit so I wouldn’t want someone like Harvey Specter to be in love with me.

I would want him to just love me (please ignore this is about a fictional character….)

Let’s go back to the beginning of why I am so obsessed with him.

Like yeah, yeah he is handsome but I don’t really like guys until I know their personality. And omg Harvey is the guy I never knew I wanted (okay I had a feeling, but to see it played out is like :X).

I like Harvey so, so much because he takes care of things. He is confident, he is cocky and he defends the people he cares about and whatever problems he gets, he solves it overwhelmingly well. You don’t need to explain the situation fully, you don’t need to justify yourself as being in the right- he’ll just do whatever to care of it. And he’s always in the right and assuming the worst in people and I LOVE that. I NEVER trust people until it’s proven I can. It’s the opposite way around. He’s also dressed impeccably and I don’t mind his overgelled hair. I do love how he’s always clean shaven. And driven. He has his initials on his shirts.

Because I come across petty little problems all the time in life, Harvey seems like he could solve them all in a click of a finger (if he cared about me). He could probably give me really good career advice and get me a good job in any field that I wanted through all his connections. I would be prioritised when reserving tables in restaurants. He could sue whatever government agency I get angry at next lol. He could get Donna to find someone cheap as chips to do my taxes, and to find me extremely great gifts that I really want on his behalf. He would be able to tell if the clothes or bags I buy are good quality or not. He would probably have good quality food in his house and arrange for my clothes to be ironed. And if anyone ever pissed me off he would dig up some shady shit about them and squash them lololol.

If you noticed, this little fantasy involved me somehow moving into his swanky New York apartment. It would be great- he would go have a run at 5, go to work extremely early, leave work late, go to a bar… he won’t ever be at home and it could have it all to myself.

I don’t want to date him because he treats his girlfriends horribly. Plus when I’m 30 he would be 50 years old, and if I have a kid then Harvey’s going to be 60 when my kids 10. no no no no no.

So what do I want to do with Harvey?

I don’t think adoption really works when you’re 23 years old 🙁

You should really watch this because I refuse to write or say it out loud, but yes, they all do. Even me! And I am really ashamed of it lolololololol ggaaaahh

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