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Saw this and thought it would be fun to do!!!

We’re going to start off really strong 
25. Even though I’ve had my period every month for about 10 years now, I still don’t handle it very well and get overwhelmed. I know #wut 
24. Instead of counting sheep at night because I can’t fall asleep, I normally think about life if I was super rich. I think about the different bags I would buy, the different rooms in my mansion house and what it would look like, sometimes even reaaallllyyy boring things like my dream grocery haul if I had lots of money. Yeah I’m like Marge Simpson thinking about things I would buy at a supermarket in my spare time -_-
23. I’m scared of people dressed in full animal costume. Once when I was 17 some guy at school had a wolf costume on and I legit flinched everytime he talked to me and his friend was like “OMG you’re legit scared!”. Yes I am legit scared. I think I wouldn’t fare well with furries.
22. I really like reading my fortune for my Chinese birth year or finding out through palm reading/tarot card reading and worrying about them.
21. If I was forced to religious I would be Catholic because I like the stories and ceremony. I would be something Asian like Buddhist or Taoist (is that a word?) but I don’t like the simplicity of Buddhism and the animal sacrifices/shamanic undertones of other Chinese religions because they scare me (but fascinate me!)
20. If I know there’s a secret I find it hard to stop trying to find out what it is even when I’ve been told many times to stop. 
19. The guys that I find insanely hot now  I actually don’t find hot at first meeting and normally think they’re not my type. But by the way they treat me and others around them and once I get to know them, I then put them on pedestals and loooove them.
18. I am also worried about being seen as an alpha by my future dog and spend hours researching it on the Internet. I don’t have a dog and don’t really see myself owning one for a while.
17. I hate Donald Trump more than I’ve hated anyone in my entire life. 
16. I would get a nose job if I had a lot of money. 
15. I am extremely liberal in every issue there is. 
14. I am a hoarder of “meaningful” things. This could be a movie ticket stub, to letters, to old school books. You don’t want to look under my bed.
13. Even though I desperately have wanted cats my entire life I’ve been thinking about suitable names for years and I can’t think of any cat names I like. 
12. I hate reminiscing about memories that aren’t funny. I don’t know why- something about talking about the past gives me the heebie jeebies. I sort of think “of course I remember this happening… Why are we wasting time talking about it?”
11. I know a lot about bdsm/ddlg kinks bc I researched them lots ? However I DONT find them hot and YouTube suggested me the video of this Chinese girl with her boyfriend and he’s like 20 years older than her and I swear it’s a ddlg relationship and every time he talked a little part of me died inside (a pun if you know what I’m talking about hahah!). I don’t want to…. Kinkshame… But I cringe so bad whenever the word d*ddy comes up. Eeeeeeuurrrgghhh. 
10. I think my boobs are pretty nice. I have yet to see someone’s boobs in real life that I find as nice as mine. That is so weird and narcassistic of me to say though :/
9. I plan on having kids when I get scared that I will be too old to, e.g. Starting at 30. 
8. I usually confess to at least one person if I lie. 
7. I find it extremely hard to get along with people who are positive and like talking about how wonderful life is/how beautiful things are. I think that the struggle is real, and the more we talk about it the better we feel, because it works with me. I feel like positive people make me feel worse because they talk about how happy they are, and don’t want to accept or support negativity. And if you read my blog, you’ll realise I’m sometimes a whole lot of negative and I cannot talk to someone who finds it hard to acknowledge negativity or sympathise with it when it’s like…. Complaining means I’m talking about it. Talking about happy things means I’m bottling it up and I have nothing to say. I’m not going to talk about how beautiful the weather has been and how lucky we are to live in NZ when I’m stressed. 
6. I’m obsessed with making sure I know that if I go somewhere for something for the first time, that it would be there. Like I know Countdown must have mushrooms, and yet here I am online shopping for mushrooms at Countdown to “make sure” they exist. 
5. I laugh at my own jokes way too much. I often find myself giggling or making laughing noises (chuckles?) at the end of my sentence to no one laughing.
4. I procrastinate from taking showers. Like I do take them, but I dread doing it. Idk why. I looovvee baths though.
3. I really want to start my own business but do not have anything to offer to the world apart from words lololol. Maybe I should buy a business? 
2. I’m running out of interesting but tmi facts about me lolol. Um… I don’t talk about pooping. I’m fine with people talking about poop and I think it’s so funny and can talk about their experiences, but I have never in my life have said anything about myself. Why? Because I don’t. Girls don’t poop.  It’s a known fact. 
1. I have had sex dreams about celebrities (and only celebrities! Haven’t had dream sex with a person I actually know) that I don’t actually consider hot. I had a sex dream about Ryan gosling. Sorry, but I don’t find him hot. But he’s not ugly so I’m not mad. Also some of you know I am obsessed with a Korean pop star called Baekhyun. Given the amount of time I think about him, I never dream about him. I did, however, dream about his band mate who I don’t actually care much about in a sex dream. It was really weird.
And that’s all the weird I can think of right now! Thanks for reading it all lolol

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