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And now a month late: yes, it did take me a month to think of all the things I have. I have a lot of things that I am very happy about, but I am still human and take stuff for granted.
Here’s a few things I’m exceptionally proud of.
23. My license holy shit.

Remember this emotional post after I failed my drivers license. The only people who seemed to read it was the NZTA, who somehow got my phone number and left me a message to probably see if I was still alive.
22. A pretty bag
I got a pretty bag! Here’s to many, many more.
21. A pretty car
I can’t believe that I got a white car. I had wanted one, but every car that we saw was not white. My parents and I were pretty deadset on a black car (even though I wanted a white car but its ridiculous not to get a good car because of its colour) but then it was sold before the morning we were going to snap it up XD Literally had the cash and everything. I think it triggered something in my Dad, who all of a sudden became determined because I think how quickly the car went scared him a bit. And so he demanded to see the cars that weren’t in the showroom yet and viola! That’s how my white car, who I have named Jet Li, came to be! My parents nailed it down and bought it on behalf of me because there wasn’t enough time for me to even see it- all I had seen was a picture of the car. It was a pretty fast adoption process, and I’m very happy to have my baby.
20. A really comfy bed
God, I love my bed. This year, I really appreciated my bed. I don’t know why? I have always liked my bed but 2016 was the year I fell in love with it lolololol.
19. A job that starts at 10am
Yeah man. I have a full time job that starts at 10 and ends at 6. I drive to work when it’s not peak time traffic, and I get to wake up at a time that most people are already at their desks. I have it good.
18. A Macbook
I rewatched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo again a few days ago, and I used to be soooo thirsty for a MacBook, and that movie really made me want one. And when you want something, you get it!
Now when Lisbeth Salander uses Finder, I’m like meh.
17. Have been overseas for a while
Back in my youth. I don’t know how I would feel going on exchange to America in this current climate though. I seriously thought Hillary was going to win. I thought she was rigged to win!! I actually think I hate Donald Trump more than anyone else in the world.
At least we know that the American counting system is not rigged?
16.  Unlimited internet
I remember when I used to have to rewatch Downton Abbey all the time because it was one of the TV series that I had on my laptop because we had used up all the internet that month. Thank the Lord that isn’t the case anymore.
15. Disposable cash
I am thankful that I have have never been a position where I have been worried about money. Thank you thank you thank you.
14. A dream part time job
I really, really enjoy my part time job that I do on the side of my full time one. It has been the best part of my career so far, and I always feel thankful to be associated to this company and the owners. I respect and admire them so, so much- I didn’t even think ‘role models’ at my age were even possible, but I reallllyyyyyyy admire them a lot.
13. Amazing coworkers
I am thankful that I scored a job where I met so many good people that I now can call my friends as well. I am thankful for everyone who has my back and witnessed a freak out of mine, whether it has been through being there to message or in real life, as a lot of my coworkers have seen me freak out lolol. I don’t think my friends have actually seen me cry in a while. But my coworkers have probably seen me cry like, two or three times this year hahahaha :’’’( Are you there Kelly? Chevaune? Kate? Beth, Liam and Kav? I love you all (and all my part timers too who have witnessed me cry omg).
12. A salt lamp
I really wanted a salt lamp. And what I want, I got lol. Very thankful for my salt lamp that is melting because I don’t look after it properly.
11. Red walls
When I lived in my old house all I wanted was red walls. If I had a Pinterest board when I was a teenager it would include red walls. Now I have red walls!
10.  People who send me flowers (still)
My business mama sent me some flowers and I was very, very happy. She makes me so happy!
Too lazy to blur out her name on my card so I just cropped it out ahha
9. A cute mug that has pink and gold on it

I’m grasping straws here but I am very happy with my mug haha. I got it from Kikki K. I was El Cheapo okay I had a $10 voucher and still I had to pay $7. This is definitely the most expensive mug that my family and I have ever owned.
8.  Ate a lot of KFC
I am blessed to have a KFC near me. I don’t have a McDonalds near me, so I have eaten KFC a lot more than I have eaten McDonalds. It’s gotten to a point where I don’t know what I want at KFC anymore because I’ve eaten my favourite meal so many times…. And I just ate KFC yesterday… omg it was so good tho…
7. Lots of makeup
I have a lot of makeup. Not all the makeup that I want because I refuse to spend over $30 on one piece of makeup, but still a lot of makeup.
6. Ate all the rashuns and twisties I could handle
It’s not a secret that I love rashuns and twisties.
Now, I’ve eaten so much of that fake orange cheese powder that my stomach hurts when I eat them now LOLOL. My body is falling apart.
5. Have some nice jewellery
I have some nice jewellery and am plotting on getting more except I don’t know where I would wear them, as I already have rings I don’t wear.
4. Discovered really good Asian food and my pride in it
I am so thankful that hotpot, Korean BBQ and all these Asian dishes exist omg. Thank you for so much beauty in my life ahahah.

And oldie but a goodie, pulled from my Zomato.

3. Some prisoners in America that care about me
Don’t talk about this I feel immensely guilty because I haven’t finished one of their letters L
2. Amazing friends
I have amazing friends! I am thankful that I have people around me who do want to cheer me up, and want me to get what I want and be happy. I am thankful that they’ve stayed by my side for years, and as cliché as it sounds, our friendship is getting better with time. I don’t know how the fuck I will pick bridesmaids omg.

I think this year what they’ve really helped me on is making me believe that I am not that bad okay! They make me feel like a good person and that I deserve good things. This sounds mega cliche but sometimes I think that I’m rude, bitchy, hard to get along with. But this year, my girls (and some guys!) have really been drilling it into my head. I am extremely grateful that I have friends who tell me that I am normal, I am nice, I deserve better, will get better and that noone gets to treat me like shit/talk to me rudely and that overall I AM GOOD. And you know what? I fucking believe it. I am nice. I have friends who support me, are always on my side, literally are there when I’m crying in a toilet at work and I’ve never had that many people seriously have my back- when you’re young, your friends say they have your back but there is not much to show for it, or the best they can do is message you encouraging comments, which is fine. But now that we’re older, having someone’s back means going out of your way to physically show it. My friends probably can’t tell what it is that makes me say this about them, but you all do! Sometimes its even the things you won’t say or do because of me. And I appreciate every little gesture 🙂 <3 <3 <3 <3 
1. Awesome family

Ew. Wouldn’t be here without them but yuck.  I was in a more sentimental mood when I wrote the list and now I’m writing the descriptions and I’m not about to go sappy about them when they never would with me. But very grateful to have cool brothers and parents who support and help me endlessly.

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