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I am actually quite pissed off right now, Like this week has been fine for the most part but someone is antagonizing me and I’m Not Amused. Breathe it out Esther. I’m so lucky I don’t have a boyfriend right now or he would have to read all my text rants and listen to me rant lol.

Either way, today I’m supposed to be grateful for my health, which is good because I’m great! Apparently I should think about the phrase of my title all day.

I actually have been getting sick, but I’ve been taking Vitamin C pills and they’ve really been good at helping my immunity! I shared a plate of food with my coworker who was actually really sick and so I’ve caught his cold. Or would’ve if I hadn’t been taking my Vitamin C! I could feel it coming- I have a sore throat, coughing randomly, random drippy nose. But I ate some spicy Korean instant noodles for lunch and I cried and dripped everywhere lol. Now I feel better! I think it cleared my sinuses.

Thank you body for never having allergies, rashes, conditions, being intolerant, ever being sick or broken! You are amazing!

This is actually cheering me up, wow.

Okay, things to be grateful for.

1. Thank you for my Vitamin C pills. Without them I would be a lot more sick then I am now. Thank you for sparing me of the pain and misery, thank you for me not needing to think about my health at all normally because I’m fine.

2. Thank you for having Asian supermarkets that stock Asian food and junk food! Thank you for having places that let me eat food of where I come from, and extremely tasty. Thank you for dried seaweed, Mogu Mogu, shrimp chips, BBQ pork, roast duck.. list goes on..

3. Thank you for pink sticky notes and pink vivids and pink stationary. I really like the colour pink.

4. Thank you for my work friend Chevaune! Its not the same thing as when I was thankful she was happy because this one I’m thankful she exists and without her I would be so lonely at work. Thank you for finding me someone who I click with and is forced to hang out/talk to me!

5. Thank you for my cousin helping me with filling out my tax return.

6. Thank you for my rip off cheapo Uggs not getting wet when it started to downpour. I was scared that it would leak through my sole when I was walking through the rain in puddles but it didn’t!

7. Thank you for Frank Ocean writing Novacane. It’s been years but it’s still such a jam. I love it. Novacane novacane novacane.. numb the pain numb the pain numb the pain numb the pain numb the painnnnnn

8. Thank you for my work having a Nespresso coffee machine, it is well fancy and it makes yummy coffee. It makes me happy.

9. Thank you for me not giving in to the bad mood of the person antagonising me. I am better than her. She is nothing. Deep breaths. Close your ears.

10. Thank you for my fish at work! I love all four of them. Thank you for Leo, Jonah, Vaune and Esther (yes I named a fish after myself…. in my defense its the goldfish thats gold. All the others are goldfish that aren’t gold. I’m the gold one because it’s basic lol). I hope they stay healthy and as happy as a fish can be in a tank.

And yes! Thats all for today.

This really has made me feel happier!

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