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Okay I don’t know why I didn’t write things on Friday, but I couldn’t even last a week of being grateful lolol.

Long story short, I went out on Friday night and I was too hungover to write anything yesterday. Too busy throwing up haha. I had lots of fun, but I drank too too much lolol. I won’t go into the gory details of my vomiting, but I have never vomited this badly before. I threw up in the car, and all down the inside of my sleeve. Also threw up through my nose. Fun times!!

According to the book, I have lost momentum of what I’ve been doing and need to go back three days and repeat the steps. No no no no. I am a busy woman. I don’t have time to repeat stuff that I’ve already done. These words are precious, mate. I’m not writing them again!

So things I am grateful for.

1. Thank you for Lightbox for uploading Suits in real time!! After I said I was grateful for Suits and Harvey Specter, I get an email saying Lightbox is going to put new episodes of Suits every Thursday just like how it’s coming out in the States. Yes. yes. So much yes!!! I get to watch more Harvey!!!!  I love him so much.

2. Thank you for my car! I am so thankful that I have a lovely car from now on to be independent with now!

3. Thank you for my wonderful work friends. I love all of them so much!! It was so much fun on Friday night. I am blessed to know such wonderful, funny and beautiful people. It was so much fun, especially since they’re near my height, it makes for excellent girl grinding hahaha

4. Thank you for my emails on a seperate project that I’m doing are going well.

5. Thank you for not letting me die on early Saturday morning. Really thought that I was dehydrated. Then I threw up all this liquid all over myself lolol

6. Thank you for giving me parents that will respond to my texts at 6:30 in the morning.

7. Thank you for Thousand Island dressing. It is really yummy.

8. Thank you for meat like chicken. It’s also yummy. So is Korean BBQ. yum yum yum yum

9. Thank you for my over the knee boots that came and that I wore on Friday. They look bomb af!

10. Thank you for my amazing bed. I love it. I like sleeping a lot. Thank you for letting me have a double bed. Amazing!!

I have some bullshit gratitude exercise to do tomorrow but that is entirely the wrong spirit. I am happy, thankful and great!

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