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I bought the book The Magic after I realised all I do is think about how terrible my life is. All I do is dwell on my negative thoughts, yet I believed that negative vibes attract bad karma. Seeing how contradictory these two thoughts were, and how bad things just kept happening to me (even though I’m not that bad of a person), I thought that things needed to change. So I went and bought The Magic.

Actually, I wanted to get The Secret and thought I bought it when I paid online, but when I got it in the mail, it was The Magic, which I found out was the third book in the series. Oh well. As one of my workmates said, maybe that book was meant to be and this one would speak to me more.

The thing that the book is centred upon is that gratitude is the biggest way to get what you want in life, as there is a law of attraction. If you are always grateful, you will receive, but if you’re not then you will always be without.

I don’t know how well this fits with my belief that we’re all animals who have the same luck as another animal, but I do sort of believe in karma, where people get punished or rewarded one way or the other.

One of the things the book says to do is each day think about 10 things you are thankful for, plus a task and you do it for 28 days.

I don’t know if it works, but it helped me immensely before I even started it so why not try it out? The worst it can do is make me happier, if not luckier.

Okay I wrote that last night. Now it’s Monday and the worst thing about today is that I woke up. Okay! Thats the only complaint I’m allowed to say.

1. Thank yoy for the reason that I started this- I got my restricted!!! I struggled with this for so long. Here is my angry blog post from last year about NZTA that made them leave a message on my phone (probably to make sure I’m not dead). They never returned my call though. 

Every time I lifted my foot off the pedal I said thank you. When I stopped at the lights I would chant thank you thank you in my head over and over. Thank you for my driving route not being misty even though the entire city was misty until the nighttime. Thank you for the driving tester not saying I had made a mistake and that we were still on the route and I still had a chance. Thank you thank you.
And then I passed!!! 
And then, my parents said they would help me out immensely on my first car even though I never asked for it, nor did I need them to. Law of attraction?? 
2. Thank you for my parents always being supportive, always wanting to provide for me and worrying about me.
3. Thank you for Suits and Gabriel Macht playing Harvey Specter. Harvey is sooo hot omg I was watching it last night and he was so hot. There is no better sprain in the world who could play him so well. He’s such a daddy oh my god and I didn’t say that. Thank you thank you for hot men on TV shows that are on light is that I can watch.
4. Thank you for the only bus that goes past my house stopping right in front of my work.
5. Thank you for my office starting at 10am rather than the normal 8:30 or 8:00am *shudder*
6. Thank you for the Internet. I wouldn’t be able to function without it.
7. Thank you for me clearing enough space on my phone to download Pokemon Go! 
8. Thank you for me having money to buy groceries.
9. Thank you for me having money to buy an expensive pair of boots without scrimping and budgeting for them.
10. Thank you for everything in my life that others would be lucky to have. Thank you for my family, friends, employers and material possessions . Thank you thank you thank you! 

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