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This post is not the one I’ve been working on for 3 days btw lol

– Oh my god guys I had such a good sleep last night it was unbelievable for me… It was raining and I was like nodding off nearly instantly/in around half an hour… I remember when my roommate used to play rain noises on her phone and I never thought that the rain thing and putting people to sleep worked for me but I was out like a light!

– I am also obsessed with Costco. I’ve never been to a Costco. But I watched a documentary on it on Youtube and now I’m addicted to watching Costco hauls. Something about bulk buying and good deals makes me so happy. Plus that documentary was probably paid and made by Costco but I fucking loved it I love consumerism

– I want to get rich and buy a house I am also obsessed with looking at home decor (find me on pinterest!) and white ware and mugs. I’m so weird. Other girls are looking at clothes online and I look at… fridges.

That’s a lie, I already know what sort of fridge I want. I actually look for electric frying pans, waffle makers and coffee machines. i really want those.

– I finished Downton Abbey and it was very good, loved the Xmas special, everyone got what they deserved

– I want to get married and plan a wedding. I know I’m going to be a total bridezilla and threaten to not get married unless I get my way. But first I have to meet a guy that is so in love with me that not being able to marry me is a threat

– I want a more exciting life to have a planner and be obsessed with it

– I am obsessed with carrot sticks. Also still obsessed with KFC and chips but I really like carrot sticks with hummus. I am a weirdo.

That’s all!

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