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You know how I had a huge rant about how I’ll never be on Tinder?

Sorry for being a huge hypocrite but guess which social dating app that starts with T that I’m on now hahahaha #neversaynever

I am the worst sort of girl to be on Tinder to be honest, because I’m everything boys don’t like- I go on, am super picky, and chats with me consist of them asking me questions and me talking about myself and offering no questions back. I only want compliments. If they ask me to meet up I just go silent. Three of them have asked me, and I’m like …

I’m really sorry but I’m only on Tinder for the attention and the ego stroking. It’s so nice when I think someones okay looking and swipe yes and they normally say that they’ve swiped yes back on me. That builds my ego so so much. And I fiiiinnaaallly get to be really selfish and fawned over in conversation lolololol. It’s been too long since boys have given me attention and tried to get my attention.

Noone has caught my eye AT ALL on Tinder, but it makes me feel pretty nice when I see that boys have superliked me. I’m a total “you can look but you can’t touch”. I personally don’t feel like you can fall in love/feel sparks over the internet without ever having met in person or video chatted, so none of the conversations interest me at all and I’m not keen to meet them in real because… they were only aiight looking and I only swiped yes because I didn’t want butt ugly guys giving me attention. Trying to get the cream of the crop, although if this was a physical crop I would probably be unable to sell any of it because if I saw them in real life, I would not take a second look.

Although I am one to talk lololol. I think I am a total catfish when it comes to my internet self vs real life self, but you know what? I have an office husband and he loves spending time with me and constantly calls me his friend and values my presence so I think I have a pretty smashing personality.

This is probably the most arrogant post I’ve ever written about myself. I’m sorry. To add more humility on this post, my Mum is constantly telling me that I’m fat now. Which is true that I’ve gained weight since working full time, but she said I didn’t have a waist anymore twice. Twice!

Does this look like the face and body of a fat person to you??? :”(

A before and after, and still (y)

Last month on my birthday at work. Yes I did gain weight but I’m not fat… right? Right?? I could lose weight, yes I’ve gained weight but I’m not too overweight :”'( I still have a waist :”'(

So don’t think I’m becoming to up myself okay. For every time my mother tells me to stop eating I need 5 boys asking me how my day is going and making awkward conversation bc they think I’m hot alright.

But I think I’ll get bored of tinder soon. It’s been two days and it’s getting quite depressing that my thumb gets tired tapping no lolol

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