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I failed my drivers license AGAIN because I brushed the curb when I pulled over.

The guy testing me told me that I was a perfect driver and that he had no tips to give me to improve, I did everything right.

I am so upset. I did everything right and when I brushed the kerb it was classed as a collision. Are you fucking with me?? How does crunching the kerb mean that I am unable to drive when I obviously can??????????????????????????? He even said I was a perfect driver. How the fuck is brushing the curb by mistake got to do with anything when I am driving in traffic?? I could do it again without brushing the curb, easily. It was a mistake and I failed the whole thing.

I am so mad and upset. I’ve been crying for like the last 2 hours because it’s so unfair. I did everything right and now I can’t pass. I didn’t make any mistakes while actually driving but when I pulled over I crunched the curb. How the fuck am I ever supposed to pass?????????????????

 I am so upset

I hate you New Zealand Transport Agency!! I have spent over $200 on drivers license tests and I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT BUT I BRUSHED THE CURB HOW IS THAT FAIR. Why can’t the ashole-ish hard test be for people under 21 because I NEED my license. I can’t be a functioning adult without one. And for me to unable to because I crunched the kerb by accident when I parked but for every thing else to be perfect? How is crunching the kerb a COLLISION???

I am a good driver by the book. By the fucking book I am. He said he could tell I had driving lessons because I was doing everything right. So what the fuck how does brushing the curb mean collision. I want to fucking die. I am never going to pass this goddamn test if this shit keeps happening again and again. There is no question of ‘am I ready for it” or “I need more practise” when the guy said I had good control and he didn’t even tell me to practise more, but to book it again as soon as possible.

I never say these words lightly. I know heaps of people do, but I have never, ever said this or written this, but NZTA makes me want to kill myself. All I do is piss my money away and fail tests and the guy has no tips to give me but because I brushed the curb it’s classed as the same as a collision with another fucking car or if I ran into something, so really why do I even try. I can’t even improve my driving for next time, and I have to wait 6 more weeks for another test. Seriously, kill me now. How am I supposed to function as an adult if I can’t drive. I think this is supposed to encourage me to take the bus but buses always pass me when I try to get home from work because they’re full, and the bus that passes me only goes one route. Whenever I take the license tests, I have to take time off work, and that is SO inconvenient. I can’t keep taking days off. It makes me want to give up because I can’t do anything or go anywhere so what’s the fucking point. I did everything RIGHT. I DRIVE THE RIGHT WAY. It seems so fucking hopeless, like all I want in life right now is my license and I can drive and I can’t even get it. I have spent these last 10 months trying to get it, i give all my money to it, what more can I do??? There is nothing else I can do. I hope the fucking PR team of NZTA search this up and read this if they are good at their jobs at all and pass this along for me to whoever is in charge of this shit: you make me want to die :).

I can’t do anything. I can’t driver better. I can drive. And I have to spend more and more money until I’ve probably spent thousands and I don’t know if I’ll ever get it.

You are so wrong, NZTA. You are so, so wrong.

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