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Dear white girl moaning about how since learning Japanese people keep asking you to say something in Japanese on my FB feed:

umm…??? Welcome to the life of every non white person in the English speaking world??? Honey, everyone who isn’t white that lives in place that is filled with white people has been asked this question since they went to school..?? You’re getting so offended over something that people who aren’t white take in their stride oh my god. And you don’t even have the right to be offended?? Because to be honest, I would ask you to say something in Japanese too so I can judge/internally laugh at your accent, and as someone who wants to participate in Asian culture so badly and who ISN’T Asian, suck it up. You want take part of Japanese culture so bad and yet you can’t even handle the lightest of baggage that comes with it. Thank you for demonstrating just how delicate your ego is, the amount of sheltering and arrogance in you is so embarrassing. You think you’re such a special snowflake, but tell me, what number in the line are you for the ‘white people who think Japan is cool and learn Japanese because of anime and manga’??

Grow some balls, my love! If you’re going to be a weeaboo, you better get used to being called out.

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