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Whenever I am sad, I think about how I had a really good looking writing professor when I was in the States who I was a total teachers pet for just because of that and how he sent me a really nice email.

I don’t know why, but I always turn into a total hoe for English teachers because they normally drown me in praise and use me as the example and I am a total slut for compliments. And so I suck up to them because I want more hahah. Plus this guy was pretty nice looking so I was always vying for attention and answering questions in class and being the model student haha.

Anyway, I had just written my essay Bananas (click if you want to read), and we were in a workshop where my classmates were supposed to critique my work and tell me what they liked/how I could’ve made it better.

I wasn’t really expecting much because I knew that I was normally the talkative one in the workshops and I was like my essay is better than all of yalls I know yall aint gon help me. I got only like two comments, like one girl saying how she didn’t get it, and my professor was like “what’s not to get?”. Another girl said it was like a rant, but everything I write normally comes out very long so that’s actually very constructive criticism, I did and do need to work on that.

But other then that, no one really said anything. So I went back to my room and told my friend back in New Zealand on Facebook who had read Bananas how I didn’t get much feedback in the class. Like I didn’t mind, because I knew my essay was the best in the class, but I would’ve liked more criticism so I could make it better. But I guess no one really had that expertise, or gave it any thought about how I should make it better. I always want to improve and be better, and this was my first draft. With such little feedback I didn’t know what I should improve, what I should expand on or take out. I was feeling a bit unsatisfied, sort of like if I had asked for help and noone had really given me a straight answer.

And then as I was in the middle of talking about it with my friend, I get an email from my nice looking professor.

I don’t have a screenshot because I was lazy and just copied and pasted it back then, and now I don’t have my university email because it’s been deleted.

But whenever I am sad, I think about how I was mid feeling blue and this email interrupted me in my downbuzz spiral and made me so happy. Even 2 years on, it makes me very happy 🙂 Boys have written me love poems, soppy cards, paragraphs and paragraphs of love texts and it doesn’t compare. Leave it to an English professor to have the best words, am I right?

Here it is:


I’m pretty upset that so few people provided feedback during your workshop tonight. I don’t know if it was because we critiqued yours last and people were tired or what, but I want you to know I noticed it, and I’m not happy about it.
As my comments in class alluded–and my written comments will show–your essay was very strong. You are writing at a level that’s on par with a more advanced writing class. If you want to continue with writing, you might consider taking 308 next semester. The professors are always looking for enthusiastic and talented writers (I’ll be teaching it as well), and I can virtually guarantee that you would receive more detailed feedback on your work.
It’s just a thought.
Either way, I hope you don’t take the lack of discussion about your piece tonight personally. And if you ever want more feedback from me, you can always drop by my office hours.

I know it’s really simple and it doesn’t seem like much but it makes me so happy that he was upset on my behalf for me! And that he really liked my writing. Oh my god, I nearly cried writing that last sentence. That I can confidently say that he liked my writing. A big, big compliment.
I can’t remember if I did go to his office hours. I don’t think I did. I should’ve just to get that extra praise. 
I like how he says I should do a higher class and lets me know that he’s teaching it as well like a you and me kind of thing. Like as if he wants me to see me again, or hopes that I will be in one of his classes. And then he says I can come to his office hours, which is pretty normal for a professor but you know, theres such much ‘I’ and ‘you’ in this email, it sounds pretty personal. And how he says that he’s upset and not happy- like this isn’t just a passive unemotional email flicked off out of duty. And then he calms down after the “I am upset on behalf of you, you are such a good writer” and says the “it’s just a thought” because he’s got it all out. I really dig how personal it is. Not because I want to get in his pants and he’s noticing me, but because I can read the feeling and how good intentioned he is through this, and I can feel his sincerity.
I think the nicest thing is that he got upset on behalf of me! That is why I like this email so much. Like he’s hot professor and I’m like little girl with weird accent who wrote about 6 different times she cried when we had to write about 6 different times we felt the same emotion. And he’s defending my writing and reassuring me that I should be proud of it. That is just so nice of him. This is literally the best piece of writing I have ever been sent. I have it as a note on my MacBook so I can read it anytime 🙂
And leave it to the English nerd to read too deeply into a piece of text and find the meaning, am I right 😛

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