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The first time I burnt the sausage rolls it was for my brothers and I, but this time to decided to try again (practice makes perfect!) and make something just for me!

Chicken nuggets and chips. Not thhaaat burnt this time! I think it’s funny that some of the little ones did turn black though haha
Still think it took me too long to prepare though. It’s because I have a deep freezer instead of a freezer and refrigerator combo, and the deep freezer is in the garage, which is below my house and only entry is by going out of my house and into the garage, which has a lock. So I have to walk outside in the rain, unlock the door, get it, take it up to the house and decide how much I want, take it back down in the rain, lock it again and go through the rain to get back inside my house. That is too many literal steps to take, but for chicken nuggets and chips I decided to be proactive for once. 
I would much rather someone else do it for me. Or buy it. That’s a lie, I don’t want to buy it when it’s downstairs for free. Okay I’m rambling because I don’t know how to end this.

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