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Normally when people do ‘diaries’ they write down what happened that day. I used to always start and abandon diaries because I never found daily journalling appealing- I thought that it was useless and boring, and I only wrote in them when I was feeling intensely something.

And now, since this a public blog, I can’t really rant on about friends or family because!!! and this always happens to me!! The minute I think noones reading, I bitch about it, and then that person decides to check out my blog that week. Karma has bitten me in the ass so much on this blog, and in all my social media channels that I shall reserve the bitching on this blog to things/people I reaaallly don’t like. Dislike so much that if they check out my blog I hope they read what I write and get mad at me hahaha.

Trying to think of things that I don’t mind sharing that piss me off.

1. Driving. I just want my license already -______- but I have to do a restricted drivers test and I failed my first one and it’s just so long, I’m bound to make a few mistakes that I don’t know what to do -_____- I should’ve done it a long, long time ago. I really think if I fail the next one, I’m going to have to get some professional lessons, because I can’t do it on my own. NZ restricted tests have a 40% pass rate lol. I fucking hate it. I need to drive goddamnit!! I want to drive and go to KFC and go to the drive thru and eat wicked wings askjdnvsdvdsvdsljvndvkjd


See, this is the problem. I’m too neutral in life right now. I feel very complacent. There is nothing making me angry, sad, or happy haha. I have nothing to say.

If I did a traditional diary of what I did that day all of it would be like “today I woke up, ate some rice porridge that my mum cooked that I fucking hate because I hate rice porridge, watched all these music reviews on youtube, washed the dishes, took a shower, and now I’m eating a banana and writing this.”


So yeah, I’ve actually become very gagged on my blog haha. I used to let it all out! Now they’re all privated lol. But also, noones pissed me off in like, the last year. Not enough for me to burn bridges with them.

Tell me, do you have any advice on how to make my blog famous? haha

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