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Yes yes I could try make myself change and have goals any other day than the New Years and I shouldn’t try become a better person on a certain time of the year but whenever I feel like it and well, I feel like it now (sort of).

My toothache.. don’t even talk about it okay. Not only is it hurting my mouth with its nonstop throbbing, I went to the dentist and got a quote and… don’t even okay. My bank account is already crying.

1. Only eat cake when it is someone’s birthday.
This could also be rebutted with the fact that every day is someone in the world’s birthday. I mean, only if a slice is offered to me since it is someone I know’s birthday. Otherwise, I will not eat it. I will NOT BUY FIZZY DRINKS OR CHOCOLATE PERSONALLY. NO NO NO. Only if someone else buys it for me. I will not use my own money to buy it. This might be hard if I am getting a combo, but the next time I go to KFC I will ask if they can swap my drink for a potato and gravy.

2. Only three coffees or teas a week.
I put a lot of sugar in my coffee and tea, and I used to drink tea or a coffee everyday. I have had ZERO coffee or tea for like, 5 days now though! Because of my toothache though.

3. Stop buying shit I don’t need.
Makeup, clothes, bags, At the quote the dentist gave me though, I won’t be able to afford anything lol.

4. Ummmm….. be hot by being myself and not copying others. Just try to be in the best condition.. I swear I make this resolution all the time and then the next day I emerge with my glasses and dirty hair OTL

5. Try earn money.

And that is all my resolutiionnss! I think I will be so much better if I stop ingesting sugar. And these aren’t that hard resolutions! I am feeling optimistic!

2014 was such a shitty year for me. I really, sincerely hope 2015 is better!

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