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1. Only eat cake when it is someone’s birthday.

I have yet to eat cake this year! I have resisted all temptation. This is easy because I don’t like cake apart from cheesecake and carrot cake and I don’t think I even had carrot cake last year but cheesecake is my weakness.

2. Only three coffees or teas a week.

My toothache is gone and I have not had a coffee or tea this year at all!! I think it’s because it’s summer time and its making it easier to resist. I’m sipping on Pepsi right now (second soft drink this year T.T and that’s worse than coffee or tea though OTL)

3. Stop buying shit I don’t need.

I still have no money.

4. Ummmm….. be hot by being myself and not copying others. Just try to be in the best condition.. 

I have gone out with no makeup and glasses while me in the previous years wouldn’t. I don’t know whether that is being hot or not, and whether that is in my best condition :/

5. Try earn money.

We don’t talk about this on this blog

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