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Happy happy new year!!

I only came to my blog because I wanted to whinge about my toothache going on in the side of my face right now. I couldn’t sleep last night because half my jaw kept throbbing and I wish I could saw my jaw off or something because it hurts so much but my parents have zero sympathy for me but they did let me stay at home instead of go hiking with them which was great. But I feel so sad and my left cheek jaw area hurts and I is a hurty little creature but I have to be social tonight but everyone will be eating and drinking and I just keep imagining sugar germs infiltrating the tooth I got fixed last year and infecting my entire jaw and travelling up to my brain and before you know it I will be in hospital having some fever induced seizure because I was eating smores tonight instead of doing salt rinses and lying on one side so all the blood rushes to the other side of my face and doesn’t just collect and inflame on one cheek.

Esther is so sad she had all these resolutions (not really) and one of them was to get healthier and stop eating junk food and lose weight like everyone else’s resolutions, and this toothache will make sure she doesn’t eat anything.

And Esther is even sadder, because what makes her happy is eating yummy food. Esther cries not because of the pain, but because she can’t have yummy food in her tummy. I don’t understand why my whole side of the jaw won’t stop throbbing and all the teeth on that side of the mouth keep being mean even though there’s only one of them that’s actually damaged and is the ringleader main bully and the other teeth are all just followers who are like “yes! let’s all get extra sensitive and THROB in Esther’s mouth!”

what the fuck am I typing..

tl;dr: Esther has a toothache and is really sad about it and it hurts. She is going to take painkillers now but she doesn’t like taking painkillers since she is all about that natural life but she can’t take the pain and she has to eat so baiiiii see you when I am in a better mood to write a better blogpost

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