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So I wrote the last post, and then I had to do the dishes. When I do the dishes, I like to listen to Pandora, which is a free music streaming app thats sort of like a radio. And don’t tell me to switch to Spotify, since Spotify screwed me over. Spotify broke my heart.

Anyway, I listen to the Aziz Ansari radio station, who is a stand up comedian and so a lot of other stand up comedian’s bits are in his radio station too. And one guy was talking about the beauty of sleep, and how the mind collects and goes over data that it has amassed over the day.

And then he goes on to say that when you sleep like over 8 hours you get really weird dreams, and your brain goes “you wanna see some shit? I’ve seen some shit. Here’s some shit that’ll fuck you up”.

And dude, I sleep for like, 10 hours. It was such a weird coincidence that this segment came up.  Sort of like the world saying “your dream didn’t mean anything but that you sleep too much, you lazy asshole lol” to me.

It has really made me feel better ahahaha.

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