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If you don’t do reach for it, things that you want will never come to you, no matter how ready you make yourself, how much you tell yourself you want it. If you don’t actively chase it, you will never catch it.

But I don’t like exercise.

Today, both the cars are out and I am home alone. I convinced myself last night that I was going to walk to the takeaway and buy myself a feast of chicken wings and a corndog. God I love corndogs.

I checked Zomato for my takeaway, it said it opens at 12. So I woke up at 9:30. That was a very good effort, because even though I forced myself to do activity, i.e. check my phone, I fell asleep again. Waking up at 9-11 is the dangerzone for me. I just go back to sleep.

So I woke up at 11 and was like yup. I’ll wait half an hour and then get dressed and buy myself fried chicken and a corndog and eat it at home without my parents telling me I’m getting fat with each bite.

So then 12 o clock passed and I was sitting in my bed in my pyjamas on my laptop.

And then I started justifying myself. Fried chicken and corndogs aren’t good for me. They really will make me go fatter. And it’ll cost me $5.50 or something. I should save my money. There will be another time where I can eat fried chicken and corndogs. The takeaway takes so long to cook that I would probably spend an hour waiting for my food.

So I made myself eggs on toast, the only food I can cook, and now I regret. I want fried chicken and a corndog. This is unfair. I bet my brothers are out there, eating kfc and here I am being a loser with no fried chicken and corndogs.

My brothers


So after starting a spiral of feeling sorry for myself for not going and buying fried food, my brothers came back and they did not eat kfc and we went to Dennys lolololol.  Seems like whoever is up there is reading my blog and giving me what I want. The world works in mysterious ways!

Here’s what I ate  so you know I’m not lying and making it up for a cool blog post. I had a chicken pie and pizza and I don’t even like pies, I never want to eat a pie again. Eeurgh.

Hmm. I promise I’ll do a blog about all the yummy food I have eaten okay?? I’ve got some really nice foodporn pictures!

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