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Recently I picked up a letter I wrote for myself last year before I went on exchange, so when I was 19! The international exchange office in my university kept it for me so I wouldn’t look at it and I was finally allowed to look at it!!

I remember I was shit scared, and I was like the only one who took the letter writing seriously. I had booked my flight ticket, and my heart would speed up every time someone mentioned me going overseas, and i wrote this during the pre-departure afternoon.

I had decided to write a bucket list for all the things I wanted to do in America, and make sure it was things that I wouldn’t be too gutted on not achieving.

But when I got this back and saw my letter again…

Check out my bucket list.


I’m speechless at myself right now. 19 year old Esther, be careful for what you wished for, because you just might get it all!

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