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Warning: I like cats. A lot.

So I just watched Gone Girl in the cinemas, and I was blown away.

Not by the actual film- although the plot was really well done and the film played on suspense and a storyline that was both complicated but easy to understand, I think I nearly had an aneurysm at the ending. With that last scene being the same as the first, I just knew it was the end and I have never been so frustrated at a movie in my entire life. There was no catharsis at all, it made me so mad!! I wanted her to be exposed!!

So no, I wasn’t blown away by the actual movie, but I was blown away by one of the characters, one of my favourite characters which I have spent the last 10 minutes trying to google to no avail. Only like, 5 articles mentioning him. That is not enough. I must contribute.

This. Baby.

I think this might be the best scene in the whole film.

That cat has to be the most well behaved cat I have seen in a movie so far. It (he? she? I’m not sure) was spectacular and so good. So well behaved. I have seen Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. I have seen Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (RIP Cat :'( ) and NONE of them measure up to this ginger baby. Oh my god. I can’t stress how WELL BEHAVED HE WAS.

First scene he was in, he was just sitting there on the pavement like a normal cat. Not looking scared. Not looking like he wanted to run. He looked like he belonged there. Then he let Ben Affleck/Nick pick him up LIKE A BABY AND DIDN’T EVEN LOOK UNCOMFORTABLE. Did you know cats don’t like being held like babies, they like to have their back paws supported? Thats why they scratch people that do. I learnt this by watching all the seasons of the Cat Whisperer. But he lets Ben Affleck do it, and he’s so chill about it! Like if he really was his owner! Someone please give that cat an award for being so natural and such an amazing actor. Oh my god.

And then, all the time when he is interacting with Ben Affleck and just sitting in a house, he does it like he belongs there and owns it. He doesn’t look like he’s been forced to sit there, and he looks genuinely pleased to have Ben Affleck’s attention. What a good kitty! Such grace! That emotion!

And the fact that he sometimes purrs? OHMYGAAH. Like in the screenshot above when Ben Affleck is in his room with his cat and the cat just sits in his laps and purrrrrs. My lord. I have not seen such a chill cat on film. Normally they’re squirming, trying to run away, or moving a lot even if they are purring which isn’t that great for film and doesn’t look like the character owns that cat. But this cat just sits nicely and relaxes and acts like Ben Affleck is his owner! Bravo cat! I love you!

Most of all, I love how David Fincher put so many scenes of the cat in, and always referred to the cat and included him in. Apparently its to make the character of Nick more likeable, that he really loves this cat and nurtures it and tries to protect it (I keep switching from him to it when referring to this cat, I’m sorry). He is like Ben Affleck’s baby! And I feel like the cat was the only thing that was living in the relationship, that it was what Ben Affleck’s character came home for.

Amazing. This cat is SO WELL BEHAVED and such a natural actor. I cannot sing his praises enough. Such a great cat. Lets Ben Affleck pick him up, sits nicely, purrs, stays still, sits on the counter while Amy makes crepes in such a good pose. This cat is perfect and the ray of sunshine in the film.

Get away and come to my arms, you thing of beauty! Look at your little ears! I WANT TO PET YOU AND TOUCH YOU, YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD KITTY. YOU ARE SUCH A BABY.

Do you know of any other well behaved cats on screen? I know that there is a Grumpy Cat movie coming out but he has a human voiceover and I cannot stand that. This cat has definitely won my heart.

And he wasn’t even given a name in the film :””(

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