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For my final year university project, I had to design and lead a campaign for a charity with a group, and it went really well. To thank us, we got invited to their first charity auction! I really love the charity I worked for and their cause- like I am very passionate about their cause, and I have never been to a charity auction before so me and my group went!

and uh #noedit #nofilter aren’t you proud of me???? Normally I edit my photos to the days but.. I’m just so lazy now haha. Therefore my skin doesn’t look so smooth does it. Sigh.

There was this comedian who is the cousin of a girl that was in one my classes, and he was telling all these jokes about rich people since it was a charity auction, and noone was laughing except for me and my friends haha. He was like “right, tough crowd!” and I’m just like “dude you are killing it. Like I love you, man haha.

Here are me and my frands. My babes, I’m sorry I put yall on the internet. But noone reads my blog, so don’t worry hahahhahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhh.

The food was quite good! I really liked those clam things that you can see in the picture below. They were like baked with cream or butter or something. Point is, I nearly ate them all since my friends didn’t like seafood.

And none of us ate those mussels since I don’t like them either.

Wow my phone did a good job, it looks so clear.

Cheese pizzaasss

Anyway, the auction got underway and they were buying alcohol for like $300-$400, a suit for $1000, a cooked meal by a chef for $2000. A $2000 meal!!

Anyway, I don’t know whether I was getting tipsy on the wine or whether I was genuinely excited at all the money that was floating in the air: probably both. I got really excited. And okay, in terms of millionaires and billionaires and charity auctions, this is nothing. But this was the first time where I had been in such carefree spending okay! And I loved it!!

All I could think about was how amazing it would be if I could give away money just like that because I wanted to. Like the people bidding were becoming seriously more attractive. Imagine being married to, or being born in a family where you could just turn to the person next to you and be like “buy me that. Don’t stop bidding until we win”. Like just.. so much respect, man. Just sipping wine next to my fine husband and being like “babe I want to win that fly fishing trip because I’ve never been fly fishing. Bid on it for us/me.”

I am working class through and through okay. Strictly middle class, not even higher middle class, contrary to what some people might believe haha. And I was thinking, how Marx says that society is made up of two groups: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Bourgeoisie are the richest, the 1%, the ones who own everything and make money. The proletariat are the working class that survive by selling their labour: being employees, getting paid by the bourgeoisie.

But what about the people who can’t sell their labour, because they can’t work, or in this case, too young? Are they still proletariats? I guess Marx might say its because they’ll die if they can’t support themselves.

But this auction, and charity stakeholders, prove that the working class cannot do anything toward a vulnerable group: the bourgeoisie hold the power, and we rely on their generosity to support those that are the most vulnerable. Maybe they are the worst, but without them charities cannot exist, and that makes them better than the normal plebian too.

It’s okay if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say: I don’t think I’m very good at trying to get across intellectual thoughts.

They just had so much power because they had money, and omg I wished I was one of them, or the more easier route, married to one of them haha.

I hope that one day, I will be able to attend a charity auction and bid and win something. My friend bought something lolol. I donated to the charity, but only on the text to donate since I was excited and also because I like them.

Although as I said before, I really don’t know whether it was because of the wines or if I was genuinely excited. But as a result, I blew up my friends snapchat stories with sorry snapchats like this:

After that I went past a hotel where the Chinese leader was staying (judging by the police) and then to McDonalds where EBGames were setting up for their Pokemon ORAS (?) midnight launch party. Being a little shit, I have a mediocre understanding of everything so I talked about Pokemon to the organisers with my friend for a while. They said that they were going to bend the rules and let us preorder it that night even though preordering had been closed and then we would be allowed into the launch party but I’m like -____________- ew I am prime weeaboo bait here you should be paying me to be in your Pokemon party haha.

And that was my night last Thursday. Just wanted to post my whole spiel about rich people and how we can’t live without them and how I want to be one. I have a lot of food pictures on my phone that I might blog about, like how much I love Korean BBQ- if you want to see them now you can go on my Zomato and look at all the food reviews I’ve done. It says I’m nearly an expert in three streets! So that obviously means, I need to spend more money on food :X

I’ll never be able to bid at a charity auction if I keep this up haha

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