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Have you watched the show “Bobs Burgers”? You better have because I freaking love that show. There is a character called Tina that I absolutely love and her moan is really what I’m feeling right now. Have a look at this Youtube video filled with Tina’s moans.

Guys, I’m really stuck. I realise that my degree calls for me having great social media skills and blogging skills, but this blog is SO UNPROFESSIONAL. I am terrified that people I have interviews with for jobs will one day find this (which isn’t very hard to find) and judge the crap out of me. See, I’m already using less offensive language. But if you are someone who is interviewing me, you shouldn’t worry! I NEVER talk about work. EVER.

But I can’t give it up! I just love producing online content and getting it credited to me.. maybe I should be more anonymous :”'(

Anyway, I finished my last week of classes last week, and tbh I’ve been feeling down. I have exams next week and then my birthday and then I graduate. I’ve been feeling sad because

1) I feel like I tried very hard this semester but only got very average marks 🙁


3) My grandma is sick. Like very sick. I feel horrible for saying this, but she was supposed to pass away last week. I am very sad, because she has been a staple in my life,  and I feel like her life was very hard and I wonder if she has ever been truly happy. I have only told one friend about my grandma being sick, and my mother is scared my Grandma will pass away on my birthday. It is hard for me to talk about death to real people about real people that are close to me, but I find it really easy to write about it.  I find it hard most of the time because I am hyper aware that my audience is uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to say. I’ve realised in my short life, that most people are really bad at comforting people. I’ve cried in front of enough people to know that they normally freeze and try change the subject, or don’t know what to do.

Once I was having dinner with two of my friends (although one of them isn’t my friend anymore because she cheated with my other friends’ boyfriend.. I know, so scandalous) and my friend told me that someone close to my cheater acquaintance had died. He was pretty bad about it, whispering it to me and avoiding all eye contact with cheater acquaintance. I gave her the biggest and most reassuring hug that I could (it is hard when you are only 4’11) and my friend thanked me, since he said that he wanted to do that too, but didn’t know how. I think I am very good at comforting people. Someone cry in front of me for a change instead of me crying ok!

I know I don’t look very maternal lolol. But I really think I am good at physically comforting people. Crying people are like meowing cats, but uglier, and I can’t resist a meowing cat okay.

I should be studying right now. I haven’t studied at all this week. I have to write a blog post on another blog I have for one of my classes but I haven’t and it’s due on Friday, but I can get that done really quickly. But the thing is, I’m supposed to make a showreel but I’ve been too embarrassed to film myself unless my house is empty.

I’m just going to post my favourite picture. This is my favourite picture of my life right now.

Don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure that this is from Fantastic Mr Fox and this is a fox after being blown up by an explosive of something after this. But look at those EYES!!! HE LOOKS SO DAZED! AND HIS FUR IS SO MATTED AND HE’S JUST SO SHOCKED. HE LOOKS SHELL SHOCKED AND HIS FUR IS ALL MESSY AND LOOK AT HIS COMPLEX EXPRESSION OH MY ITS LIKE HIS EXPRESSION IS THE OPPOSITE OF HIS FUR
Good things that happened to me:
– I drove on the motorway and highway like three times in the weekend #independentwoman
– I had a double yolk in one of my eggs today and that’s supposed to be lucky
– I burnt my Bath and Body Works candle which I got as a Xmas present from the States, and its TEENY and I loved it. I burnt it for like 3 days and I love it. It was “cranberry and pear bellini” flavoured and I can still smell it in my room and thats actually really gross because it means the air in my room never changes. But I LOVED IT. I am obsessed with candles and I want to make a candle company because I want my house to be covered in candles.

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