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I have just gotten off the bus and I am fuming.

Because this ratty white guy who I am pretty sure probably needed medication was just RANTING and RANTING about how much he hated people who weren’t white, how New Zealand was better in the 1980s and he was particularly angry at Indians, which I think was because there were a lot of Indian people on my bus.

He was saying the most racist shit I have ever heard in my life. Using the n word, saying how everyone who wasn’t white should be killed, that we’re turning New Zealand into shit.

This guy tried to kick him off once and tried to ask the driver to kick him off but there were too many people,  but I am quite sad at the lack of action from the bus driver’s side. I mean, he was saying all this shit and people were like “look, I can’t listen to this, this is racist and its upsetting.”

But did he stop? Oh fuck no.

Some people started filming him, including this Indian girl from the front of the bus, and then he yells “don’t film me you Indian wh*re I’m going to spit in your face” and variations of that with various swear words. Some other white people were filming too and he had a go at them as well, although not as bad as how he was swearing out the girl

And I was/am SO ANGRY.

This is the sort of shit that I would like every white person to sit through when they say “ohhh racism doesn’t exist anymore” because YOU don’t have to experience it! “ohh racism is dying out its only in the older generations and they’re ignorant” NO. It’s not only the older generation, and no it’s not only the ignorant.

Every time you mock an accent or refer to a ethnic stereotype if you are white, even if you are in the presence of friends who aren’t white, doesn’t make it okay. It’s still racist.

I wish I had said something but then when I got a look at him and knew he was probably not right, I just couldn’t. He looked totally prepared to snap my neck for calling him out. I applaud all the people that called him out. And I’m still a bit sad, because as I said, my bus was full of Indians. Even the bus driver was Indian. Yet the people that called him out and kicked him off the bus were white and Islander.

I don’t know how I would have reacted if he had been saying that sort of stuff about Chinese/Asian (although Indians are Asian too!) people, because I was actually really offended about the stuff he was saying about Indians, since it applied to immigrants in general.

I am still so angry!

I know he was probably sick, but how come when white people get senile or sick they have to get racist? Is this like a white people thing, to be scared of anything that isn’t white bread?? Isn’t it interesting that when white people are sick (and by sick I mean mentally sick) they go on tangents about how “all the white people should immigrate to Australia since New Zealand is shitty because the immigrants have shat on it all, and are greedy and complain and buy up everything”, yet when people who aren’t white go senile or become mentally ill they don’t resort to racist ramblings??

Sure, the tantrum of one sick man doesn’t represent society. Although wouldn’t you say society’s lowest represent society? “We are only as fast as our slowest member” or some quote like that?

Oh, and racism is still so in.

Thousands of Africans/black people have died from Ebola and everyone in the Western world loves making Ebola jokes. And yet no-one makes cancer jokes.. is it because white people die from it?

I just need to vent. I am really offended at what he said, and I don’t know how the other people on the bus he was directly attacking would feel now.

Fucking crackers. Don’t just stay in your lane. Stay in your box.

-mic drop-

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