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In the song ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ by Alicia Keys which I listen to when I take showers and do the dishes since I am on the Beyonce station on Pandora, there is a line that goes “some people think that the physical things define what is within”.

And it got me thinking- do I think the physical things define what is within?

I realise I could be taking this entirely the wrong way- maybe Alicia Keys means people think LOOKS define what is within. But for some reason, I read it as POSSESSIONS define what is within.

People always say materialism is not a good thing, that it breeds unhappiness, that it is an ugly trait to only want physical and material stuff and spend your life going after it.

I would like to sort of disagree.

I mean, materialism isn’t a good thing when you can’t afford it, or if it is affecting the people around you, but let’s use me for example- I am single, 20 year old girl with no attachment to anyone with some disposable money. I think I am entitled to buy the things I want, and be proud of the things I can afford. I mean, I worked hard for the money. Mummy and Daddy don’t give me money at all.

But I also realise, that it is never enough.

It is not the possession of the material that makes me happy- it’s the craving and the satisfaction of actually being able to afford it after such a long time of wanting it that makes me happy.

Do you remember last year how I said on my wishlist that I wanted to travel, get a boyfriend, and have a MacBook Pro? I also spent the majority of last year whinging about how I wanted a MacBook. I’m not even kidding, I think everyone knew I wanted a MacBook more than I wanted the word ‘friendzone’ to be abolished (I think I made a rant about the friendzone everyday).

Oh yeah honey. I now have a MacBook Air. Close to a MacBook Pro, but in the end I was too cheap to shell out a few hundred dollars and don’t have any CDs or DVDs to watch anyway.

Also bought my new baby a nice new sexy case. Don’t tell my parents, but it was $99. My baby needs to be spoilt you know.

And although I am SO HAPPY that I have these items now, my wishlist just grows and grows. It has come to a point where I wonder if I ever in my life will be satisfied with my possessions.

I binge watched the show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and they’re literally millionaires and billionaires and they always want more more more. Always want to shop for more, always want more bags and shoes and clothes.

And you know what?

I love it! I love their attitude. I know I shouldn’t, but they’re fuelling the economy! They can afford it, which I love! Because they’re rich!

But then comes the thought- because they’re just non stop buying, does that say something about themselves?

Maybe for millionaire rich kids, it might mean something else, but for me, when I am buying buying buying and wanting wanting wanting I always wonder what it could mean.

Am I trying to feel rich after not being able to afford anything in the first half of my life? Am I buying into a trend because I want to fit in to society? Am I trying to fill some hole within me because I’m unfulfilled somewhere else?

To be honest, all of these reasons could be why I am always wanting and buying, but I think it also goes on a very superficial layer too- I just want to be surrounded by pretty things. Is that so bad?

Is it so bad to want to be surrounded and possess nice things that you think are pretty and want? Is it so bad to want to live in a nice house, and then a nicer one, and then an even nicer one?

To be unmaterialistic, we’re all going to have to be buddhist monks and live in the hills and sleep on wood. But with the amount of us that aren’t like that, I refuse to believe materialism is a bad thing, or even not a normal thing. I believe everyone is materialistic, whether you admit to it or not.

I know people who take materialism to an extreme until it is very, very unattractive but if you are using your own money I don’t see why we cannot indulge ourselves in the things we want. We only have one life I think we should be able to spend all that we can afford without judgement. And it helps recycle wealth.

I can’t even remember my point to this blog post. All I wanted to say is:

I bought a MacBook! Like months ago but I wanted to show yall.

Life updates

1. I’m graduating very soon. I only have 2 weeks of classes left!!
2. I’m going to be unemployed D:
3.  My birthday is a month away

And um.. when it’s my birthday month, I tend to go crazy on buying myself presents…

<3 Nothing like treating the one you love <3

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