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Okay I promised an entry.

It was my first day at my internship today. It was pretty good! So much writing they do though, I am surprised my boss manages to keep motivated. Probably money and real life? Haha.
Okay. You also know that I have had problems with a bae recently. 
Some of you know that I have this teeny weeny kpop obsession that on the internet because a massy wassy kpop obsession. Like all music, I have my favourite bands, except these bands are normally all girl or all boy groups and only pretty Korean people that all sing (none of them play instruments), and they do a lot of interviews and tv shows as well in Korea and that means I can watch them all on the youtubes with English subtitles and pick my favourites.
Right, so I had a favourite and his name was Taemin and he was the lead dancer (yeah the kpop groups do a lot of dancing) and I was like in love with him and I called him my husband for like a year. Here he is in spunkier days (last year)!
Hi :3 That’s a weird way of spelling ‘you’ but I love swiss too babe :3
I am/was a major fangirl.
I have his shirt which got me like 50 RTs on twitter! For more content produced by me, follow/stalk me on @missestherz 😛

I even have his socks :3 yeah I’m all up in that band merch hahaha.

He used to have long hair for a promotion so that’s why on my shirt and socks he has long hair.
Anyway, he broke my heart at the beginning of the year ish when he emerged with gross hair.
Yeah, I would be ashamed and trying to be as unrecognisable as possible if I had that on top of my head. Like I love you, and I’m sure your personality is absolutely smashing, but I don’t know you, I only call you my husband because of the looks. And because of your awesome dancing. But I can’t even concentrate on your awesome dacning when that mop is bouncing up and down on your head. SM Entertainment! Please, please, please CHANGE TAEMIN’S HAIR OH MY GAAAD.
But anyway, a group called EXO were having this crisis where one of the members, who is Chinese, sued SM Entertainment which Taemin and SHINee (his band) are in and wanted to break his contract, which is basically a slave contract, since Korean entertainment labels are horribly controlling, and SM are renowned for it. They have had so many issues with their contracts, and Kris is the third crisis in that company to emerge over contracts, and the second Chinese person to as well. And since I’m Chinese and so must protect the brethren and most of the time leap to the defense of the underdog, I became more involved in the EXO hashtag and talking about Kris on tumblr and twitter. This is proof of my vast use of social media and my ability to use it. You don’t know how many times I’ve written that in a cover letter. How funny would it be if I showed them that I used it to track Korean boy band members and controversies.
Anyway! Kris is also smoking hot.
Drool! Kris isn’t even his real name, it’s a stage name SM gave him so he can’t even go under that name anymore. His name now is his real name, Yifan, but I think his English name is Kevin. Not that great. I don’t know whether Kevin is better than the exact name of the Kardashian matriach, but hey. And he lived in Canada and comes from Guangzhou where I come so he speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin and he’s really tall and we could totally date if he wanted.
But he’s a bit of a derp…
…. I have no words to begin to describe this. Look at how droppy his drop crotch pants are. Drop crotch pants are disgusting.
Anyway, I had to start “researching” EXO to really understand what people were talking about and argue properly, and well, researching involves watching all their interviews and TV shows and I fell in love again. This only happened like a month ago so it’s pretty new. 
His name is Baekhyun, and he is a phenomenal singer and SO AMAZING OMG HIS VOICE IS LIKE RASPYISH ITS AMAZING /fangirls/. Ahem. Anyway, he is always really bubbly and happy and talkative in interviews and I sort of love him now. 
And yes his name is Baekhyun, like bacon, BAEkhyun, bae, get it?  He’s my baeby.
We could have dates where he puts eyeliner on me. It would be so cute. He’s so funny. He sings so well. Youtube him. He’s so amazing and a year older than me. Also he looks really gay, right? Well he’s not.
There is this girl group that is like THE girl group of kpop who have been around for like, 6/7 years? and EXO only 2, they’re a newish emerging artist. Anyway, the girl group is called Girls Generation, they have this member called Taeyeon who is also an amazing singer, the crush of so many boys in Korean boy bands and a total babe. If I could be anyone in the world I’d be Taeyeon. If I could sound like anyone it would be Taeyeon. She is perfection. Here is a video of her singing. 
You don’t mess with Taeyeon okay. She is a goddess. She is so hot, I would tap that. Oh my god. 
The thing with Korean idols is that most of them have dating bans, since it’s really bad for their image to be dating someone in conservative Korea and where most of the fans are delusional girls/boys who think they will marry them (like me). EXO have a dating ban, and SHINee are probably on one too, which means they aren’t allowed to be seen dating in public, their image must be that they’re single, even if they aren’t.
But guess which two people got outed as a couple with some paparrazzi pics a few days ago to massive fandom shock and Korean celebrity scandal. 
My bae. My bae!!! I didn’t have enough time to love you. I couldn’t even call you my husband. I didn’t even know I liked you best out of EXO before you were gone, and dude, where did you even get this game to pick up a babe like Taeyeon?????She’s even 25, how the FUCK DID YOU SCORE????

Haha it looks like I’ve been crying but I haven’t okay ahaha.

How could you Baekhyun. How could you. I thought we had something special.

But now, because of your apparent game, how you have an amazing voice and are taken, I am awarding you the title of The Ultimate Bae.
Sigh sigh.

Here are some photos I took camwhoring and I mean camwhoring. I used to play this game with my friend before she got a boyfriend called guess how naked the other is on Snapchat. Does anyone want to play with me? I would play with my friend still but it would be awkward if I sent her a pretend topless picture with no context. 
This post sounds very confused sexually but I assure you I am not ahahaha.
So how naked am I? Excuse my one socked foot, I had to take pictures with the other sock lol

Answer: Not at all, because I have learnt my lesson and I’m not going to be naked on the internet for free!!

So professional. No this is not something I’d like my employers to look at, but read? I’m sure they won’t get to this bit without being bored and seeing this pics and context, people. That I’m fine with. And I also have a massive pimple and I had professional headshots taken today for work . Fml.

Yeah she’s a big one. I named her Despair, she came into my life during exam week and continues to plague me. Go away Despair, recede back into me!

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