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Today I ate Wendy’s

I have a long blog post planned out for tomorrow. I am so very heart hurt my dears. One of my Korean celebrity crushes is dating another Korean celebrity.
I don’t want to talk about it right now. I’ll talk about it tomorrow. My bae. My bae. First Jennifer Lawrence took Nicholas Hoult. Then Zac Efron got weird and had some rehab things and in interviews he’s not that funny. And Taemin, my old Korean celebrity crush, he has this ugly hair at the moment that I don’t like and that’s quite a betrayal for me.
But now. My newest bae. I’ll tell you tomorrow. My newest, newest love. My love for you didn’t get to blossom to a point where I would call you my husband. I haven’t even told anyone you were my bae yet since I wasn’t sure I liked you enough.  And because of your game, I have decided that you will be my ultimate bae of all my baes, because this has made my want for him, my new celebrity crush, to rush up, because someone else wants him, and that means that he must be a good one and I want him too. I’m sorry I keep saying bae so much but he is. He is my bae, my baeby baeby baeby baeby baeby ohhhh (he sings this in a song).
Opppppaaaaaaa. I love you too. Maybe we can work out some threesome deal, because your girl is fiinnneee.
I’ll write more tomorrow! 

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