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Hello. Today I spent the whole day in bed. I’m not even kidding. I felt like shiiiieeettt since I’m sick and I was dozing most of the time and even took a NAP at like 4:30pm to 5 something. I hate naps!! I always feel bad since I wake up feeling very wrong D: like that meme with gandalf and the caption ‘what year is it?’. And I just totally described and read to you a meme. I definitely am sick! I also had a sad bad dream in the morning that majorly depressed me and I couldn’t even bring myself to tweet, guys. Yup, today I didn’t tweet that much and none at all until about 6 when my cousin came. My 77 followers rejoice!

I got up to eat dinner and talk to my cousin who was visiting though. She is 26 or something and she is just so much cuter and classier than me. I feel very scruffy and innocent and spoilt when I’m with her. Idk, the thing with my cousins is that I am stuck in this childish rut when I’m with them since they’re always going to be more older and more mature than me. And also they see the way I interact with my parents, which is majorly childish on my part, since it is not often when me and parents talk and we normally end up arguing. 
She is so nice. And classy. And a lot cuter. Like I was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie that I had slept in with no makeup and she is wearing a scarf and layers and a skirt and grey tights and a dark blue bag. So cool. I feel so gross next to her! I always feel like I’m not effortless like my friends and her. And I always feel like something is going wrong in my outfit, like a strap is falling, or I constantly have to pull at my skirt or a zip is broken. And if I’m wearing glasses I’m gone. I imagine myself looking like my yugly (yucky ugly) 14 year old self. Eeurgh. And she is just so nice and has a strong character, she’s been through a lot and yet she’s still so nice and happy and sweet to me. I am a little bit in love with my cousin. All my older cousins are so nice ;_; well, except one who is more like a prickly friend. But the ones in china are so nice to me ;_; like they drive me to places and buy me gifts ;_; and they help me ;_; and they’re just so nice ;_; I only have four younger cousins and I could not treat them that nicely because they aren’t cute enough for me. 
Anyway this is called the future is now because I have an app for blogger now! And that means I can update on the go!! Shit, son!
Here is a pic I took yesterday. The power of makeup honeys, because I am as sick as your ex’s dick, and if you think this isn’t cute, underneath all that makeup is even less cuter. And even fast forward an hour, where most of the makeup around my nose will be wiped off.

I’m going to now sleep some more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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