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Today, I’ve decided to channel all my anger into something productive. Today (Monday, but since this post will be up tomorrow, so it’sTuesday for the NZers reading this and still Monday for the Americans) I had a little meeting at 4pm at uni. This sounds like I actually have important things to do, but no, I don’t really okay haha. It’s just voluntary work shit. So that means I go to the city, since my school is in the city.

I don’t know what people who aren’t from Auckland think New Zealand and the “city” would look like. I wonder if you think it’s all sheep and cows and blue skies and living in forests… we don’t okay. You might be surprised at how much we have. And then you live here and then you realise how little overseas brands that you’re used to there are and that New Zealand has nothing lololol.

So since I was going to the city solololo, I’ve invited you to come along with me. You’re gonna get the whole short city experience as dictated by your tour guide, Esther.

Of course we’ll start off in my room, where you will sit on my bed and watch me put on my makeup, eat my stash of chocolate and jelly and/or survey the chaos. I will talk to you throughout this, don’t worry.  Do you want some gum? Do you want me to put makeup on you? Please let me put on some makeup on you (if you are a boy you will be asked this even more). I have put in order the things I put on my face (12 things!!)
1. Body Shop SPF 15 moisturiser
2. Revlon Primer
3. Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation
4. the not pictured Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
5. I have so many blushes that I switch them all the time. The one I’ve circled is the Physician’s Formula Healthy Mix blush but I’m sure I didn’t use it. I think I used a NYX blush today
6. Maybelline Colour Tattoo Bad to the Bronze. I sometimes put that brown eyeshadow next to the eyeliner circled 7 if I want more attention on my eyes but since this was like a 30 min meeting I didn’t want to look like I tried that hard lolol
7. Daiso Japan $3.50 eyeliner (I recommend but I don’t at the same time because worried what sort of chemicals in that shit since its $3.50 and from Japan)
8. MAC eyeliner or Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner
9. easy breezy beautiful Covergirl Lashblast mascara
10. NYX wonder pencil on the inner corner of my eyes
11. okay Rimmel concealer that should be 4th but today I did put it over my powder too but also underneath it but oh well
12. Maybelline red lipstick!

And you probably weren’t interested haha.

All to only achieve this look -____-; :

That was me sitting next to you on the bed saying “We should go now!” and you will say yes of course Esther. So we will walk out my house, cross the street and a little bit up the path, and survey the clouds which behind us are grey and dark. I will start moaning how it’s going to rain and I didn’t bring an umbrella and that I lost my umbrella just on Saturday in either the post office or the bank but that I have like, 3 umbrellas.

Here is the busstop, where I will keep taking distracting glances at while we talk because I am paranoid it will miss us (yes it is encased in glass, although it doesn’t look like it):

For my snapchat friends and instagram followers, you will recognise this place as the place where I take selfies AHAHAHA. Anyway, here is me listening to what you are saying:

This is me mid talking to you:

HAHAHAHA so posed AHAHAHAHA but no you have said something to me that has made me laugh (which is very easy, lets be honest here), and I’m thinking of whatever I’m talking about and scratching my face like I do. Look at this, isn’t this proof that I can fake a smile???? Hahahaha I’m #dangerous. No I don’t fake smiles. If I like you I will smile at you. If I’m not smiling at you when you talk to me, unless you are crying, then I’m probably thinking about how I can murder you without being implicated. Not that you’ll even have me looking into your eyes or even talking to you directly since that’s what I’m like when I don’t like a person. I’m quite obvious with my snobs. 
We get on the bus. If I was with a person I will talk your fucking ear off, or as I’ve actually come to realise, you will talk my ear off about existential crap because there’s nothing like a 40 minute bus ride where you are forced to sit next to me and you feel very thoughtful of a sudden and you will talk about where society is heading or social issues that you’re passionate about. I’m 100% serious, something about me and buses makes people start thinking and talking for some reason. I guess since we’re both fully sober and since we’ve run out of small talk you start getting contemplative. It’s fine, I do listen and agree, since if we’re friends we probably have views in common, and ask you what you mean about everything which will only increase your excitement.
 But when I’m alone I read. I read because I have no 3G, and I’m so sick of my music. I’ve listened to Kanye West so much now but I still don’t know any of the words XP :

Holy shit when did my ring get so big and my fingers so gross. I’m reading All Women and Springtime about North Korean girls who get sold off to prostitution. But written by a white guy. Credibility points lost. Also my bookmark is a reciept. I looked at it and it’s from Starbucks from Deer Park Ave, which is in Long Island, New York… I’m pretty sure I pulled it out of my pocket a few days ago from a winter coat. Yeah, I transport junk internationally. Now it’s a souvenir! But I have so many souvenirs! And it makes me angry because I remember how I got it grrrrrr.
We’re heading into da cittyyyyyy:

Where that spiky tower called the Skytower is is where Auckland city is and how you know you’re in it.

Walking down from the busstop:

The roads look so empty and I really don’t know why, it normally isn’t. I think because of traffic lights shit

Yes I’m taking photos as I cross the road.. #badasslyf

Where are the cars wtf? But anyway, since we’re early, we’re going to the library. See those buildings next to the library? That’s some AUT! It used to be my old building but I don’t go in there anymore. In AUT we have specific buildings for different faculties, so crossing with different faculties is actually hard, and they are spread out all over the city. Which can be shit since noone, including staff,seems to  know where all the buildings are.
And Americans: do you see any Ugg boots or sweatpants? No! Which is why I was so surprised in SUNY when everyone was walking around all Uggly booting and noone in Auckland city would be caught dead.
It’s been raining 🙁 :

Reading some zines. I really liked dis comic one. Don’t cry (it’s only love):

Love hurts -fact- and I hope he orders fries (man I hope he orders fries). I think these were drawn for me:

We swim in whale tears :'( :

I love it. That moon is so grumpy and bitter:

Went to the manga section. Yes I’m doing this on my own accord and did it before I met people obsessed with manga okay I’ve read a lot of manga in my time just not popular ones and I don’t watch anime. I like manga because you can read it so quickly.

This is a manga about this monk who battles like corpses that come to life. I’ve only read like 7 volumes years ago but I remember the pictures clearly. So morbid. So I might flick through the pages:

Mmmmm walk out and that is like my fave street down there haha. See all those people lining up for Korean pancake which is so cheap like $3 or $4 you can get these hot stuffed pancakes that can be savoury or sweet. It’s pretts cool. And my friend’s cafe is down there. Also a Korean restaurant. And two Japanese restaurants. And a pink Chinese bakery. And a Chinese restaurant. I’ve eaten out too much hahahaha

AUTTTTT- this is the Hospitality building:

My buidling is the one with the red stripes:

University of Auckland on the other side of the road:

My building!!:

So emppttyyy because it’s still holidays (~vacation meeh meeh~)

Lecture hallin’:

Took a sneaky picture of my pretty and stylish friend hahahaha I’m sorry Anita:

Do you see that Avachi sign, way down there? They make the best fried chicken OMG. They’re a kebab shop but their fried chicken snack box $4.90 a thigh and fries omggggg it’s my crack it’s something they put in the skin omfgggggggggg. I really don’t like saying things are like crack, I mean crack cocaine is horrible! I always wonder if it’s insensitve to say something is like your crack since being addicted to crack is nothing like liking fried chicken! But it is!!! I THINK ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME. I JUST WANT TO EAT IT ALL THE TIME. We are definitely eating here if we’re hungry omfffggggggg. The workers in there recognise me. It’s baddddd. OMG I’m just thinking about the skin and my mouth is watering ohhhhh

Eurrfgbnjbsf makeup right next to Avachi. Yes I bought some makeup. Shhhhhhh. I know I don’t need anymore. Oh Avachi, they have to be sprinkling crack in their chicken. OMFG.


It’s shopping time, where you can see my OOTD:

first shirt: are you kitten me right meow:

Second shirt: Can you see I have an obsession with these sort of shirts? Anyway, it says New Jersey University…

Hmmmm…… and legs are so long amirite :/

I like to play this game with my friends on snapchat- guess how naked Esther is?

Answer: not naked at all hahaha I have my bra on, which you can see! You should all become my friends on snapchat and snap me if you want nudes okay!

So I bought the cat one since I can’t rep NJ and I could only choose one and the NJU one doesn’t make me look like anything special 🙁 I’ve been inside some college campus in New Jersey but I’m not sure which college it there even a New Jersey University? (“Why don’t you google it,” you say. “Why don’t you shut up,” I say).

I went to the supermarket for my consumer heaven <3 <3 <3 eeeeuurrgghhh:

Shame on me I went at 6 o clock and people buying dinner and massive long line that you can’t even see the self help machines. So so long.

Waiting for the bus at the bus stop. Home is where the gigantic pointy tower is <3:

Sit behind this big dude so noone sees me behind him. But not really, some short and cute Chinese boy (a boy me!) sat next to me and it was awkward as I tried to read my book and not bump my chip packets so I wasn’t rustling and being annoying:

Finally hooooommmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee at 6:30 pm, really black outside and I’m saah hangry. So so hungry.

Did you enjoy your trip with me? What did you buy in the supermarket? Did I bore you? I’m so bored reliving my day again haha. Euurrgghhhh and now it’s 10:08 pm another day gone! And I want to eat the Doritos I bought from the supermarket sweet thai chilli and flamegrilled BBQ I’ll share with you. Eurrrghhh

Follow me around somewhere else soon x

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