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Words hurt a lot a lot a lot.

That is why I have deleted two blog posts that I have just written as well as some mean tweets. Thank me, praise me for being nice. However, I don’t think calling someone out on the internet is that cowardly if my identity is very obvious. Everyone will end up calling me the mean one anyway!
 No, one of the blog posts had some points that I think some people are better off not knowing. Until they make me really mad.
Censoring myself vs hurting other people’s feelings?
It’s very hard, especially when they’ve hurt mine. What do you think I should do?
Be still, my racing heart. I wish I could close my eyes and run through life until a sunnier patch. 
But I’m in it and I can’t get out. 
 Bitter is just a taste to spit, and a tongue is something to bite so that the evil shit doesn’t escape my mouth. 
I don’t trust my fingers though :X
Any tips for destressing? OTL

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