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So today I was feeling HELLA good about myself for some reason. First off, TMI, I had bought new bras last week and man. My boobs were looking hella good in them okay. They still look good in them. Like wow. I am attracted to my own bosom. But dude. My boobs are looking great. So I decided to put on my best cleavage-y top and camwhored on the busstop to university.

Dare I say no edit? It is not edited and no filter. Because that messes with my skin colour and my boobs be looking too creamy. Fuck me what am I saying?? This is disgusting, my self love. I’m perving on myself. DAyUm Esther! Damn. I love you. You’re pretty popping! The girls are looking good!

 I’m so sorry okay I just kept looking at my boobs.

But it wasn’t just the bra that I think was making me extra confident. it was because of that tank top.

That tank top is no ordinary tank top.

Here it is, looking quite innocent, when it fact it is not.
I bought this in the States from Old Navy, for buy one get the other for half price. So it was like $3?Even cheaper than that?  My friend wanted one so she bought one too but in a different colour to get the deal. So it was actually really, really cheap.
Now when I bought it, I didn’t realise just how boobilicious it really was. And then I wore it and I was like DAYUM! Esther! It makes your boobs look amazing!
And so the first time I wore it out was to a house party and…. I wasn’t the only one who thought that as well…! And I mean…. not.. the.. only… girl… as.. well… and… boy.. and.. uhm.
What happened in family friendly terms was that this boy was really in love with my boobs and kept telling me how beautiful I was and how he wanted to do dirty things to me and that I was so fucking sexy and I was out of my mind DRUNK and I did the cliche thing where you pretend to be a couple with your girl friend. Yup, thats clean enough!
Anyway, since no guy could keep his eyes off my chest, I got a MASSIVE confidence trip from it. Like dayum I’m hot confidence trip. Like it was also really sleazy, but the thing was, these guys were quite respectful.. except for one of them. But when guys are like acting really nice to you and wanting your attention because you’re looking fiinnnee it feels pretty nice. They weren’t treating me like a piece of meat, more like only valuing my presence because I was looking quite good. And while it’s not fun when the attention isn’t on you, and really sexist and mean, but when you’re the one having the attention… it’s really fun and flattering? I don’t know. Like I know it was maybe demeaning that only because I looked nice that I was worthy, but it was really flattering that they all thought I looked nice?
Anyway, so I had very fond memories of that top, and was like yay! This is like manbait!
So I wore it again on Halloween. No I hadn’t met my ex yet, so I was like all for as much male attention as possible okay. Not even male attention I wanted all the attention. I was a cat for Halloween!

 A pretty skin baring one too!

 With my beautiful roommate! I miss her!!!

And once again, the boys ahahaha. It’s like this tank top is like made of aphrodisiac material or something because yet again I had a boy who was like omg Esther you’re beautiful, you’re so sexy, I love you, oh my god, you’re so cute you’re so special I’m like totally in love with you (I’m not making this shit up!!!)

Yeah that made me feel pretty good about myself 😛

I also wore it when I had a major case of the fat face and in this photo I’m slightly tipsy and going to go to a hockey game with my friend and the boy that I liked aka the ex. So I was really really happy and feeling quite attractive since it was in the ^^^^ this cute guy really likes me and I really like him and we’re together how did I pull this is it because Americans have lower standards or because I’m actually cute??

So that top has nothing but happy ju ju vibes injected into it. Whenever I wear it I feel like the bomb. Or two bombs. I feel like I’m really attractive and hot and happy since everytime I look down I see my boobs hahahahaahaha.

But um. Because I’m feeling so confident, I’ve been feeling quite… excited. And very frustrated. All day. Because I feel sexy. And I don’t have anyone who I can pounce on. Um. Yeah. I miss my boy. I’m afraid to write more because it will get way too revealing aha. You can look at my body all you want but you can’t hear my thoughts. Hmmm. Nope. I can’t tell you what I want to do. Yup.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is- I FELT GREAT TODAY!!!! I wish I had someone who appreciated it, but hey, the most important person was pleased i.e. me!! So I felt good for the first time in a very long time!!

Man Esther. Any guy would be fucking lucky to have you. And I’m glad so many wanted to 😛

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