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oh my god oh my god oh my god. oh my god oh my god oh my god.

Sweetheart, I stalk myself daily on my social media sites.

oh my god oh my god oh my god. oh my god.

One of the things my ex said to me once that haunted me a lot after untagging himself out of photos he took with his ex was “I’m embarrassed that I was in a relationship with her.”

Oh my god oh my god oh my god. You’re so mean. I read the message you wrote on my flag and you are so mean. Thanks for not wanting to be seen with me after we break up. Thanks for always making me feel like I’m always crying about you. Thanks for hurting me from the other side of the world- I know that’s cheesy but it’s true! Thank you thank you thank you, I gave you everything I could at the time.  Thank you for now making me feel shitty for missing someone and being proud of someone who isn’t missing or proud of me back. Thanks for embarrassing me and subtly dissing meall the time because I feel so pathetic about myself now. Sorry for embarrassing you. If only I was mean enough to make you cry intentionally or the monster you probably wish I was so you could find a reason to hate me. You were my only exception, all I wanted to do was make you feel my love. I’m definitely falling in front of your eyes, aren’t I? But they don’t know me yet. With this feeling I’ll forget I’m in love now. So go on, delete me like you want to be loved. Hey, I thought you knew me and you would be more careful and nicer than this. No, I actually didn’t think you’d be nicer. I just thought I’d be different since even though I wasn’t the right one, and this wasn’t the right time, that you’d miss me more than anything in your life. I love you, you piece of poo, never forget that.

Love Always,


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