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One of the best things that could ever happen to me is if I ever fall in love with someone who happened to be loaded.  And thought sharing was caring and liked buying gifts for their beloved (because a lot of rich people are actually really stingy). But because I have thought about this, it will never happen to me.  So, what’s the harm in dreaming , right?

Also, ‘tis the season to be jolly, and I like to think about things I would like to get as gifts that I do not need to spend my own hard earned money on. Yes, it’s hard earned- I am pretty sure my feet are permanently mangled from standing in heels for 8-10hours a day. So while my feet are definitely on the ground, my head’s up in the clouds. I’m too old to believe in Santa, but I do believe in sugar daddies. I do, I do! #peterpanreference #ididntknowhowelsetotellyouifyoudidntunderstandwhyiwrotetwoidosandithoughtbracketsmightbecondescending #condescendingmeanstreatingsomeoneliketheyredumbbasically

I started approving of Justin Bieber when I read an article about how he gave Selena Gomez all these expensive gifts and took her on awesome shopping sprees. And I started thinking how lovely to be to receive lots of gifts from someone who was rolling in money and didn’t have a problem with spending it on you. I would love to have a sugar daddy boyfriend. I would love to be showered with gifts! I already have a few in mind.

So here’s my list!
1.       A MacBook Pro. Because all the kids in school have one and I want!! Whenever I get flyers in the mail from the technology stores I always flip to the page with the MacBooks. And die. They’re like, $2000. I could never buy a laptop that I could buy a car with. By the time I have enough disposable income and mulled over it enough, I probably will have graduated from university and no one will ever see my MacBook Pro. And then I will cry, because the only one who will know I am cool will be me, and that is not cool.

2. A driving buddy.
See. I am not so materialistic. I want my rich boyfriend to be my driving buddy, because I need to get my full license before I ask for a car.
3.         An Iphone.
To talk to him and have his picture as my wallpaper. Also because my phone is shitty and I have an mp3. Yes, an mp3, not an ipod! And I need to have an iphone/ipod before I ask for a car that can connect to an ipod.
4.        A shiny red car that has cool lights and plays cds and can plug into an ipod and has a cupholder.
The epitome of luxury. Look at my shiny car! I have enough time and money to get it cleaned often because I have a sugar daddy to work for me. Look at red colour! Isn’t it attention seeking? The same colour as the stop in the lights for a reason. Look at it playing cds! Not cassette tapes. This car was made in the 2000s. Look, it can even plug into the ipod my sugar daddy gave me. Now I can blast kpop in my car and force you to listen to it when I take you places because I have my full license my sugar daddy helped me get. I even have a cupholder where we can put our coffee and chilled water that we bought. Yes, we paid for bottled water that we could have gotten for free at home . That’s how luxurious we are, brother.
5.        A big-ass house.
Please do not think I would need to rely on him for shelter though. It’s just that I wouldn’t say no if he asked me if I wanted him to buy us a mansion for us to live in, or if I wanted to move into his palace. All this time while he is providing for me, I will be saving up my money, and if he ever kicks me out then I would have a lot of money saved up in my account and buy a nice house of my own and mock him. And then I will cry, because the only one who will know I am mocking him is me, and that is not a mock.
6.        Round the world air tickets for me and my friends. But he can’t come.
I know I’m very much single at the moment when I put sisters before misters. My sugar daddy would take us to the Islands to visit my family (I have an inside joke with my friends that we are Samoan because one of my friends is Samoan. As I said, sisters before misters), then to Singapore and Malaysia because things there seem cheap and yummy, then to Japan for it’s clothes and food and culture, omg the culture asdfgghjjkkl!! Then to South Korea to see the in laws (because since this is a work of fantasy we are going to pretend that my sugar daddy is a Korean pop star named Taemin), to China for my family, to Europe, especially Rome and the Vatican, Spain, England, America, Eygpt… maybe I should have listed places that I don’t want to go to, but that’s a bit racist, isn’t it?
7.        Clothes.
But he can’t come shopping with me. I know it’s weird, but I personally would feel a bit controlled if my boyfriend went shopping with me and gave me his opinion on what I wanted to buy and bought stuff for me. A bit like a doll. I realise that that is probably the role I would need to play if I wanted a sugar daddy, but I don’t want one per se. I just wouldn’t mind if the person I was in love with was rich. Because I would want a relationship that is equal, I just don’t find the practise of asking a boyfriend ‘please can I get this??’ romantic at all. I see it all the time in retail, and it’s sort of sad. I don’t need his permission to get clothes I want and think I look good in! I would rather pay for it myself.  A lot of women will not buy things because their partners do not like it, but they really do and thought they looked hot in it, but the partner’s paying so… I think that’s just really sad. You are what you wear, and he’s just basically squashing your individuality and your expression of what makes you feel good and how you present yourself to the world. And I don’t want to be a metaphor for my boyfriend’s control and insecurities. All the above things I have listed I would want as gifts. I wouldn’t ask for them, that’s like begging. Gifts are what he thinks will make you happy. You choose to accept them, and to wear them if they’re clothes. You’re not forced to wear them because they’re the only things you are allowed to buy. And I always feel sorry for the poor guys who are forced to sit there while their partners try on stuff.
 If he inputted his opinion and it wasn’t positive but I liked it then I would feel like he is in control of me and belittling me. If he just sat there sighing I would feel like I had dragged him to do things he didn’t enjoy and then I would feel in control of him and I don’t want to be.
Maybe one day I’ll be kind and let him pay for a shopping spree.
8.      A foot massage.
I don’t care if he does it, or if someone else does it, I just want one, my feet huurrrttt regardless of whether I have been working or not because I stand for so long that my feet would hurt even if I wear the comfiest of shoes, which I don’t, because comfy shoes are either not allowed or ugly.
And if he was the one giving the foot massage, well that would just mean he loved me, because you wouldn’t touch the feet of someone you didn’t love a lot 😀
9.      Food.
I can never return this present hahaha! He would give me high class food too and take me out to eat. In our/my fridge we would have various dips for my chips, cheeses, various drinks like iced tea and coffee, different flavours of juice and smoothies and out of season fruit, because I am not a fan of soft drink. Once again, the epitome of luxury. Look at my dip! Would you like hummus or babagonoush or just the French onion flavour? Coat your chip with such carefully blended spices to complement our mere junk food for such luxurious people as us. Look at this cheese! What is your favourite one to have on your cracker? I have them all. What would you like to drink? Look at my variety of drinks. I can afford to quench my thirst on other things apart from that common water. Look at my smoothies! I am so luxurious that I have disregard for fresh fruit and can mash them all together to taste like thick flavoured milk with bits of fruit skin and seeds that will stick to your teeth. Want a cherry? A strawberry? A mango? What about watermelon? I will have them all. Please ignore the kimchi on the shelf; my husband insists on having it at dinnertime (remember he is Taemin.)
10.    His heart.
Naww. Because no matter how rich he is, if he doesn’t love me, he will not give me presents!
I kid. I am not that bad a person. It is more like the other way around. More like even if he gives me everything on this list apart from this then I don’t want any of it. And also if he gave me this and everything on the list but I didn’t like him, I’d return it all. I don’t want it from someone I don’t like. However this is a list of things I would want if I already had his heart and I liked him, so this is a bit invalid.
This is my ULTIMATE fantasy life wishlist at this point in time. It’s not that bad, I think. I ask for things like laptops and different dips for chips, and I think this is reasonable. It is strangely weird to think that in a few years I might actually have a lot of this.  When I was younger I actually had a notebook that I called ‘the wishlist’ and it had stuff on it like ‘skinny jeans’ ‘lipgloss’ ‘a cell phone’ ‘Fall Out Boy CDs’.  Now I even have yellow and maroon skinny jeans, too much makeup (and not enough), have a cellphone I frequently abuse by dropping in the foodcourt accidently when getting McDs and just stand there to wait for a guy to pick it up for me because I’m too lazy, and I have one FOB CD who my love for died along with the band. I am so proud of me achieving my 13 year old wishes and giving myself what I wanted haha! :’) :”)
I will stop now. My laptop screen is too small and dirty and my laptop keeps heating up and it scares me that it will heat up so much that it might explode or catch on fire and
Baby would really, really, really, really, like a MacBook Pro…..???????????????????????????????????? <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (^3^) (^3^) ß those are kissy face emoticons by the way. Aren’t they cute???

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